When allergies Attack! MBC Barrier builders!

MBC Recipes:

Dr. Tom’s Metabolic paste is 3 parts organic coconut oil and 1 part MBC pure free form l glutamine. Mix in a glass container until smooth in consistency. Store in your bathroom and apply 3 to 5 times per day.

MBC Detox spray: is created by placing 10 parts distilled water into a number 2 spray bottle with one part Apple cider vinegar and 2 scoops of the PM blend. Spray onto regions of the skin that have a need for enhancement. cleansing. or repair. Be careful around the eyes and gonadal tissue. You can use this spray on the scalp and hair as well.

Steep AllergEase Tea Am infusion: for 12 minutes and add 1 scoop of Dr. T’s AM blend and 2000mg powdered Vit C with Rosehips into the tea. Mix and enjoy.


Note: We no longer recommend using Emergency C due to the addition of crystalized fructose to its formula.