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What’s the first sign you’re developing dementia? Putting your car keys in the microwave? Walking into a room and forgetting why ? Then having to go back into the other room to figure out why you went into that room in the first place. Many people will tell me the first sign of cognitive decline is that the brain becomes dysfunctional, full of fog, with memory issues. This is not the first, second, third or the even 20th sign that your developing dementia.

The earliest neuro-degenerative changes of our brain, brain stem, spinal cord, and spinal column begins in a very important area of our brain called the nucleus cuneatus. I want you to imagine your brain like a basket of beautiful ,fresh ,shiny apples. Now picture one of those apples as it begins to rot. It becomes infiltrated with worms, browns quickly…. and when there is one bad apple in the basket what happens to the rest of the apples? That’s right they all go bad.

Your nucleus cuneatus is the first apple that will go bad in your brain. So what is the nucleus cuneatus and what are it’s responsibilities? It is a region of the brain that controls our postural reflexes, balance centers, it functions like the GPS system of your brain.  This is the region of the brain  that glitches first unless you discover ways of preserving its function and integrity. In this blog Building a Superior Spine you will discover  ways of creating an extremely strong core…  but more importantly you will be stimulating on a daily basis this incredibly important region of your brain.

So what is the first sign of early onset dementia? Would you believe it is stubbing your toe over and over again? It is a clumsiness that is very subtle at first but then begins to become more and more pronounced. It leads to the inability to stand on 1 foot for more than 60 seconds.  When our balance and stability begins to falter and we become more and more disoriented to our surroundings  we will become fatigued for no apparent reason. These signs all indicate we are having issues with the nucleus cuneatus.

In one of the Diehard movies a terrorist group had discovered a way of altering the altimeter of the 747s attempting to land. They were able to confuse the on-board computer into thinking that the ground was still 47 feet below what it actually was. This is the exact same thing that begins to happen to our brain and this is why the subtle clumsiness  ie. the stubbing of the toe over and over again ,is not just happenstance, but indicative of something much deeper and much darker.

So why am I talking about brain issues when this is a blog on building a superior spine. Easy, fixing spinal problems always  begins with the fixing the brain, in fact ,it all begins with fixing glitches within your nucleus cuneatus. You will never see anybody aging by bending backwards as if they are performing  the limbo. What you will see  at the grocery store  are people that are hunching violently forward. They are not as old as you think. They are aging aggressively and excessively due to the  forced flexion of their spinal columns. Look closely at them…. they are actually sitting while they are standing.

poor posture

We become what we do and what we do is we sit …we sit in our cars…. we sit as we text….we sit in front of computers….. we sit in front of the TV …..exhausted we sit sit sit! The seated position stimulates the flexion reflex. If you see a terribly decrepit and arthritic older person that is hunched forward and on a cane or walker if you take a close look at their spinal columns they are sitting as they stand they are locked into a seated position as they are standing. Take a close look next time you see one of these poor souls. I will now share with you how to develop a superior spine through the provocation of the extension reflex and  the suppression of the flexion reflex.

pain pattern



Get out of bed correctly.

If you continue to do “mini- crunches” or sit-ups to come up out of your bed you will rapidly destroy your spinal column. This is true for children as well as adults and seniors. Please train your entire family on how to get out of bed correctly without massively increasing intra-discal pressure leading to accelerated arthritis and pain. So how do you get out of bed correctly? Imagine an incision in your abdominal wall. Imagine if you flexed your abdominal wall muscles you would tear the incision. My medical people will tell you to protect the incision in the abdominal wall you must always turn to your side ,using your side musculature only, press up into the seated position by using your elbows and arms then rise from the bed. Never… absolutely never do a mini sit-up or quick crunch to get out of bed.


Get of of your car correctly

Not like a cop..pivot like a top!

I have been honored to serve our first responders for nearly 23 years as a chiropractor. Amazing people with insanely difficult jobs. A majority of them develop extreme pain and dysfunction in their left hip and sacroiliac joints because they have to exist their vehicles so quickly. They will open the car door and step out with their left foot pivoting aggressively off  a lone limb. The mechanical forces from this activity, in my opinion, leads to large amounts of damage to the hip and lower back stabilizers. The spinally correct way of exiting a car would be for you to 1) open the door and pivot like a top in your seat allowing both of your legs to exist the car at the same time 2) insure that your toes and nose are pointing in the same direction. You do not want any rotation of your trunk, lower back or neck when exiting the vehicle. You should find your self sitting with both feet in front of you looking directly out the door  you are exiting from. 3) place both feet on the ground and reach up with both hands using the roof of your vehicle as a stabilizing surface.4) now look up and lift out of the vehicle.

At bedtime….

Consume Dr. Tom’s Brain and  Pain formula

Nobody likes to be in pain. The problem with chronic pain is that is actually causing significant brain shrinkage. The problem with painkilling medication is the brain damage from chronic pain is still going on even though we are not consciously experiencing pain.

The  news gets even worse for people who are in pain. There is a common drug, acetaminophen, that is linked to the marked reduction of a very important chemical found with in the human brain called glutathione. Glutathione acts like a preserving liquid to our brain tissue. If you’ve ever made a bowl of guacamole you know that one of the easiest ways of preserving the guacamole from oxidative damage leading to a great brown substance is to spray lemon juice upon your fresh guacamole. Well, glutathione is your lemon juice, your brain is your bowl of guacamole. The more you use this type of  medicine the lower the levels of glutathione in your brain. You end up with a bad bowl of guac between your ears. Not a great idea

So what do we do about it? If we cannot safely take pain reducing medications without risking the development of early onset dementia. What do we do about our pain. Easy consume the generation 10 PM blend Pain & Brain formula. Not only will this dramatically reduce your inflammation rates and allow your brain to handle pain at a much higher level. It has substrates amino acids and nutrients in it that are linked to enhancing the density of both bone muscle and brain tissue. Here’s how you make this amazing brain in pain formula. Yes, it is safe to use with children.




Stop doing these Spinal Smashing Exercises

The Forbidden exercises: Lunges, crunches,and Lat pull downs to behind you neck

Stop doing these exercises they are destroying your spine, your brain, and your metabolism. What to all of these exercises have in common they violently stimulate the flexion reflex which leads to anterior weight-bearing of our center of gravity’s which increases disc pressure along our spinal columns by as much as 300%. Can somebody say herniated disc? If you’re looking to ruptured discs, causes incredible pain within your spine, and shorten your life please continue to do these exercises.


I can hear it now you can’t take away my lunges my butt is going to sag down to my ankles. No crunches! How can I get those six pack abs that the women go crazy for. Try our MBC Sugar Squat and our Metabolic crunch. These two exercises will make you lean and lovely without smashing your spine and accelerating your aging and arthritic process. Here are the how-to videos on the Sugar Squat and the Metabolic crunch.




Now go take a walk…

Better yet let’s go take a Spinal Stride.

I will now demonstrate for you how to take a very specific neurological walk I called the spinal stride which will dramatically reduce the disc pressure in your lower back. I developed this process for people who come to me and extreme pain of disc injuries. Yes I have them go take a walk. If you find yourself in significant lower back pain and you are under our guidance as nonsurgical corrective physicians at Oasis the following protocols will work wonderfully for you.

Stabilize and apply an ice pack to the area that you have been injured in your lower back. I suggest that the patient ices for a minimum of 120 minutes. I then suggest that they take at least that same amount of time off from icing. Be very careful not to induce ice burns. We recommend that you place a thin towel between your skin and the ice pack.

Now it is time to take a walk. This is a very specific type of walk. First, find yourself a very quiet neighborhood with no through traffic if  possible.  You will find if you walk up the hills it will provoke your lower back pain. Exactly what you don’t want to do.

I will show you in this video series how to do a spinal stride and when you come to a hill you will walk that hill backwards. I know that sounds dangerous. I know that sounds crazy. I will show you how to do it with  ease and at the end of your walk you will notice a marked reduction in your lower back pain. I recommend walking with somebody so they can spot you when you are walking the hill backwards. Here is exactly how to perform the MBC Spinal Stride.

Intermediate Level Exercise



Fix the knot in your neck… Beginner Level Exercise


Want six pack abs, rock hard gluts and a pain resisting spine?: Try our MBC Metabolic Plank on for sizes.

Intermediate Level Exercise

The following exercise was initially created to address lower extremity pain such as sciatica, knee pain and plantar fascial syndromes. We soon discovered was that this exercise was incredibly therapuetic to the nucleus cuneatus .

Even if you have a ‘bad apple” stuck in your skull begin to apply this amazing exercise for both the core metabolism and mental agility and experience the major upgrades it can give you. I perform this exercise early in the morning for two minutes a minimum of three times a week preferably daily.

Intermediate Level Exercise


It is time to perform and Advanced End Plate release.

I will now demonstrate how to perform an advanced end plate release. This must never be done in an acute state of lower back pain. Never perform this exercise without another person in the house to assist you. This exercise is to be performed only by people who are currently using the AM blend and that have gone through a Life Line screening and have been found to be free of aneurysms and carotid artery pathology. This routine is only for the advanced optimally healthy patient that is under my direct care. Advanced  Level Exercise

The concepts, formulas, and protocols shared by Dr. Tom in this blog are not FDA approved and are  not supported or condoned by the AMA.