If your body is not allowing you to turn off and hit the reset button every night, then you’re in the right place. Lack of adequate sleep can be due to poor or incomplete REM cycles followed by the inability to support routine brain functions. You already know this, but without proper sleep you are heading straight for disaster-city.

My PM Blend is specifically geared towards the sleep-deprived & those struggling with systemic inflammation. You may not even be aware that your brain is not operating at its highest capacity until trying this product. Not only will you notice that brain fog has disappeared, but that your immune system has become a fortress.


Energy is a rare commodity during the 20th century where the world is telling us to WORK hard & PLAY harder. Our bodies are being fed cheap food & drink that is depleting our energy supply & filling our bodies to the max with invasive chemicals. It is no wonder that fertility issues, disease, & cancer are on the rampage with such easily accessible trash flooding the market.

What if I told you clean energy is available to you in four flavors? The caffeine-free AM Blend was created for all ages to combat extreme fatigue & boost your Ghrelin. This organic powder provides energy, focus, & disease-resistance with continual use. You will notice new muscle tone & the ability to stay satisfied for longer periods of time in between meals, Say goodbye to exhaustion & hello to the stronger you with this powerhouse blend!


Gut health is all the rage for the first time in human existence. Instead of putting a bandage on internal discrepancies we are finally trying to fix the root of many medical issues. With that being said, did you know that gut health & sleep are deeply intertwined?

PM Blend is composed of amino acids & minerals formulated to support your body’s functions as you sleep. Especially in supporting your gut biome and brain sector by detoxing both during each REM cycle. Pair this with the Pro-Collagen and your brain fog will dissipate and your leaky gut will be restored. The end result? A remastered internal gut membrane & weight-loss promoting microbes that fight against obesity. It doesn’t get any better than this.


Another year, another resolution to reach optimal health…but where to start? I have spent over 20 years dissecting how to clean your body from the inside out. Clean before lean describes my strategy to weight loss & fighting obesity. If you want effective long-lasting results in your appearance, then it’s time to take your body’s infrastructure needs seriously.

Two programs are offered, each created with safe weight loss in mind. With either Metabolic Bootcamp or the Infusion Fast, you can achieve results faster with less hunger strikes. If you are only looking to reach a specific number on the scale, then beware. Each program was designed to do so much more for the human body! Each program is geared towards detoxification and internal healing in order to help you reach your healthiest self, not simply a skinny and brittle persona. Take the plunge and make the decision to live with optimal health in mind, today.