“What are these spots on this brain MRI doc?” I asked” Oh, those are just calcifications of the arachnoid villa and choroid plexus…just a normal variant was seen in the elderly, Intern Baader.” My instructor informed me. Here’s the problem the MRI was a 13-year kid.

I am a very strange person who asks very strange questions like.. Why would a kid have the brain of an 88-year-old at 13? And what does it matter if his choroid plexus and arachnoid villa are calcified anyway?

Let’s answer the second question first. Close your eyes. Picture your brain lounging within your skull. Now picture embedded in the roof of your skull a sprinkler system just like the type you would see in office buildings or high schools. Now imagine your beautiful & bodacious brain receiving “ mistings” throughout the day and even more so at night. These “mistings” are keeping her well hydrated, clean, and blemish free. Oh, she is radiant, isn’t she?

These “mistings” are provided by a brain irrigation system known as the choroid plexus and arachnoid villi and “rain” down a fluid know as CSF (cerebral spinal fluid). This fluid protects our brains and cleanses them of metabolic waste products. A strong theory in brain disease is that any interference in this cleansing process allows these metabolic waste products to accumulate and would cause disruption of neuronal functioning leading to progressive cognitive decline( can anyone say dementia).

Here’s the real scary part of our discussion. Something is blocking this system causing an interruption in the brains “misting” process leading to a dirty and very unhappy brain. So what is it? Why are our brains calcifying so fast and more importantly why are our kid’s brains getting so “old” so quickly?

The following represents my opinions, theoretical in nature, antidotal in the application.

    1. iPad neck: By bending the neck unnaturally forward and down the human dramatically reduces the flow of CSF to the brain. Solution: 5 minutes in the posture of prayer when using the iPads, texting etc.
    2. Arthritis & Inactivity: Degenerative changes of the spine and the massively sedentary lifestyle (Xbox for 17 hours a day) greatly reduce the “pumping” of the sacrum (tailbone) which is crucial for the brain cleansing process. Did you know that chronic back pain (greater than 6 months) is linked to early onset dementia? Popping pills do not stop the problem of the brain drain from back pain; in fact, it might accelerate it.
    3. Acetaminophen Leeching Brain’s Lemon juice: to preserve a bowl of guacamole you “mist” it down with lemon juice. Your body has a “brain lemon juice” called glutathione. The problem for you and me is that the most heavily-used drug in America today depletes the body’s natural stores of Glutathione. Solution: Discover what chiropractic, Core exercise, deep tissue therapy, and inversion tables can do for you….don’t have a chiro and are desperate? Call me, Dr. Tom; I would love to be your chiro (540) 966-1423
    4. Toxic Toothpaste

Developing Dental Dementia…

Fluoride (sodium fluoride) has been discovered to accelerate the calcifying of the irrigation system of the human brain. Fluoride found in toothpaste and in our water supply can disrupt the delicate balance of calcium/phosphate teeter-totter. As fluoride levels go up calcium levels in the brain go up and simultaneously phosphate levels go down leading to the excessive accumulation of calcium in the soft tissue irrigation system of the human brain. Fluoride is also very harmful to the pineal gland because it disrupts the pineal gland’s natural functions by hardening its interior walls. Fluoride is also very toxic to the brain and other organs of the body.

The fluoride used for treating drinking water is not the natural calcium fluoride found in nature; rather, it is the synthetic industrial version, which is known as sodium fluoride. The natural version of fluoride (calcium fluoride) is not that harmful to us. It is usually found in the soil and spring water in very small quantities. The synthetic version of fluoride (sodium fluoride) is a hazardous waste of the phosphate fertilizer industry.

 Scary Stat

In the United States, children are reaching the age of puberty at earlier ages than in the past — a trend that carries health consequences, including a heightened risk for breast cancer. Some evidence indicates that fluoride, via its effect on the pineal gland, could be a contributing cause to this trend. In animal studies, for example, fluoride exposure has been found to cause a decrease in the amount of circulating melatonin and lead to an accelerated sexual maturation in females. (Luke 1997). 

Similar findings have been reported in two epidemiological studies of human populations drinking fluoridated water. In the first published fluoridation safety experiment in Newburgh, New York, the authors found that girls living in a fluoridated community reached puberty five months earlier than girls living in a non-fluoridated community. (Schlesinger 1956) Later, in 1983, Farkas reported that postmenarcheal girls were “present at younger ages in the higher fluoride town than in the low-fluoride town, although the reported median ages were the same.”

Solution: Replace your family’s fluoride filled toothpaste with Dr. Tom’s Metabolic Toothpaste

Here’s the recipe – it’s in the notes section too! In a small Tupperware container place 1 TBSP of glutamine and 3 TBSP of softened coconut oil (10 to 20 seconds in the microwave). Mix the softened coconut oil with your powder thoroughly until creamy and smooth. Please do not use a blender for this will fragment the formulas rendering them ineffective. Use this metabolic paste like you would toothpaste.

A sore throat and Sinus infections?…MBC “Nose paste” to the rescue!

If you feel a sore throat or sinus congestion coming on gently insert a liberal amount of our MBC paste ( 3 parts coconut oil &1 part l-glutamine) into your nasal passages. Take ten pumps of our MBC detox spray( 10 parts distilled water 1 part ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar/ 2 scoops PM blend) mixed into a number 2 spray bottle for storage and application) and spray this into your mouth…not your nose! Brush your teeth with the MBC paste for two minutes. Tilt your head back and gently massage your nostrils, throat, and glands underneath your ears. Follow this routine three times per day until you’ve killed off those nasty bugs. To upgrade your immune systems ability to fight off bugs and nastiness consider increasing your Vitamin D3  applications to 50,000 IUs for four days and then take a break from the Vitamin D3 for 10 days. If you are not allergic to sulfur take 3 capsules of NAC( Amino Acid) at breakfast and at lunch for four days as well.  Adding a 1000 mg of Vitamin C with Rose Hips to your AM blend will also send your immune system into overdrive.If your innate immune system cannot defeat this illness within 3 to 5 days consider seeking competent and caring medical advice.

Let Dr. Tom Demonstrate: