Under investigation…

Unofficially, those with stage IV cancer ratings or greater that are currently using our MBC formulas and following customized MBC protocols have a 35% greater survival rate when compared to those that are not.

This claim and the myriad of bizarre metabolic healings that our MBC clients have been experiencing for the past 17 years has brought the hot light of scientific investigation down upon MBC. It’s about time someone came a calling!

Dr. Tom Cured my Cancer!

Boy, can that statement get me in big trouble in the  2017 version of  America and rightly so. Snake oil salesmen abound. Overnight experts caught up in level marketing schemes selling “magic cures” in the form  of mega-overpriced  bottles of glorified prune juice, sweet smelling oils and weight reducing energy drinks laced with adrenal crippling stimulants(caffeine anhydrous).

What’s worse is that their terrified  target market tends to be their own desperate friends and family members who have been recently diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, depression etc.  So why should MBC be treated any differently…it should be scrutinized. It should be dissected. These outrageous claims should be investigated!

Protecting puppies…not curing cancer

Our MBC program has been chosen by a large university as their subject of investigation of “non-traditional” treatments for serious medical conditions. What a true honor this is for MBC.  In my  feeble attempt to explain the benefits the MBC formulas may have for a patient in the fight of their life during a stage four carcinogenic assault an interesting image came to my mind.

Close your eyes. Imagine that your child has just been diagnosed with  cancer. Unfortunately, it was caught too late, and now  has spread throughout their body and brain. Now imagine that your child is actually a bag full of adorable puppies. Imagine that this bag of puppies is hanging from a support beam above your head. Picture a physician approaching the bag with a baseball bat. He explains to you that within your child’s body are a few large and aggressive rats( tumors).34493201_s

He is going to try to isolate exactly where those “rats” are and deliver a very hard and deliberate strike with the bat to those spots. Here’s the problem…more than likely some of the puppies are going to get hurt or even die from the attempt to kill the rats….and he is going to have to swing his bat more than once.  If he misses and kills too many puppies…he can accidentally kill your baby. Welcome to the current world of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.


Until we discover another way of battling cancer chemotherapy and radiation are currently our best options. What if we could help make the doc’s process safer and more effective,  protect our family member’s healthy brain and blood cells from the fallout of friendly fire from the chemo and radiation , as we  simultaneously suffocate and starve out those nasty rats.  At  MBC that is exactly what we strive to do.

Your Puppies…

Cancer cells have a very high metabolic rate with strong proliferation properties. Our current medical approach is to target and track these types of cells. Unfortunately, many of our healthy cells also have high metabolic rates and tend to be accidentally targeted by our current cancer therapies.

When a healthy cell falls victim to radiation or chemotherapy we call this ugly fact of war  “collateral damage” or killed by friendly fire. At MBC, we have created a nontoxic cellular shield hopefully protecting the healthy brain, blood and bowel cells that are caught in the middle of a chemotherapy fire fight.

Many of our cells that are susceptible to friendly fire are found in the bone marrow, oral mucosal cells, intestinal tract, skin cells and hair follicles, among others, and when chemotherapies are deployed, myleotoxicities (leucopenia, neutropenia, thrombocytopenia, anemia) can result as collateral damage from toxicity to bone marrow cells leading to severe fatigue, while oral ulcers and chronic diarrhea, a common chemotherapy adverse effect, can result from damage to normal rapidly proliferating oral and intestinal  mucosal cells, and chemotherapy-induced alopecia from collateral damage to hair follicle cells, etc.

Many times the patient must stop the toxic therapy before the cancer is cured because their blood panels bottom out. If they are too weak to continue on  a very high percentage of them will not survive .This is where I feel the MBC formulas shine the brightest and gives the patient hope.The cell saturating metabolic shield  generated by the MBC process gives the patient just enough protection from the adverse side effects from chemotherapy and radiation treatments allowing their healthy cells to make it through the toxic chemo-cloud while the cancer cells are fried and fall to the wayside.


Protecting your pups the MBC way….

The saddest thing for me is to see a patient who is mentally and metabolically so toxic and weak prior to entering the arena of chemotherapy and radiation. I liken it to a fighter with no training, conditioning, or preparation entering into a fight with a skilled professional. They are going to get slaughtered.

The patient, prior to the diagnosis of cancer ,may have been  dealing with diabetes, decay, and/or depression on a daily basis  and now they are being asked to step into the ring of death to fight the  most wicked type of cancer known to man. They don’t stand a chance unless we prepare them for the battle…. Before the battle!

At MBC,  we are Micky and the cancer patient is Rocky…we  get  the patient  so well prepared that chemo-therapist will be amazed at how good the patient looks and how well they do through the long and toxic process of battling cancer.  Some oncologist will be aggressively against you going through our InfusionFast program. This suggests they are afraid that InfusionFasting would interfere with their therapy and affect treatment outcome.

Not only will InfusionFast not interfere with medical therapies but it is my desire to create a synergistic environment within your tissues that would enhance the effectiveness of the current medical therapies being used in your case. This is where I pray the current research project focusing on the effectiveness of the MBC formulas and  protocols will bring the medical profession and MBC closer together to create a “best of both worlds’” approach to patient care.

Those on InfusionFast can handle as much as three times the dosage of radiation without pathological tissue damage and have upgraded internal organ resistance to the “friendly fire” unfortunately associated with this form of toxic therapy. Do not forget we are using poisons to kill off tumor cells. We are using radiation to burn tumor cells. Those tumor cells are embedded in you. In fact they are you!

If the patient is on the cancer upgrade edition of InfusionFast we do not expect their hair to fall out, they will not develop the debilitating oral ulcers seen with radiation therapy, and they may just be able to keep a full time job during their battle with cancer  from the upgrades the MBC formulas provides their  brain, bowels and blood cells

A deeper understand of InfusionFast….

Why can an organ, full of cancer, be mistakenly transplanted into one person’s body and the cancer spreads like wild fire throughout their system and kills them within days and in another’s body the cancer is suppressed, the organ is purified, and they end up living an amazingly long, cancer free, life?

“It is not the seed but the soil that decides the flavor of the fruit.”

By using the AM and PM formulas you will optimize your cellular soil. To do this we must insure acid-alkalinity balance, brain-mind synchronization, optimal blood purity, coordination of glandular functions, and access to the faith centers  just to mention a few of the variables we address in this process.  When this is accomplished and “held” in balance for a period of time the body has the opportunity to conquer any metabolic challenge it may face even an organ transplanted full of cancer cells. Mark my words. This is not the cure for cancer. This gives your body a level playing field to fit this metabolic monstrosity with all our defenses up and all weapons on line, available and fully powered.

Why are you “in the clear” if you can remain cancer free for a minimum of five to seven years after your initial victorious fight against cancer?

Understanding the human soil cycles:

No matter our age, there is no cell or structure that is ever greater than seven years old found within our bodies. Understanding the human soil cycles:

Imagine our bodies like a brick house. Now imagine that everyday bricks are pulled out of certain rooms of our home and replace with new bricks. Now take this to a deeper level of understanding. Our bodies are continually copying and recopying cells within our bodies. If you have ever made a copy of a copy you will know that the copies are never as vibrant or colorful as the original.

If you change out the toner and adjust the settings on the copier you can get a much higher quality of copy, never as good as the original, but close. When people go through Metabolic Boot camp it is if they are changing out the toner and adjusting the copier for a higher quality of cellular reproduction. The Boot camper appears to be turning back the hands of time. They are not; they are simply upgrading the quality of cellular toner. Which brings us to another ugly truth?

As physicians, we commonly mistake the accelerated decay process from a metabolically destabilize body with the natural aging process of our fallen state.

I am definitely guilty of that as evidenced by the following callous comment to clinically unresponsive patients:

“That’s just what happens when you turn forty. It happens to everyone!”

What a cop out on my part as a physician. Have you heard of leukemia? Why… because everyone and their mother seems to have. Have you heard of breast cancer? Why … Have you heard of Colon cancer? How about the big daddy of all cancers Pancreatic Cancer? Why…..OK …you get my point. Cancer is EVERYWHERE! Have you heard of cancer of the medial meniscus? Why not…. Because cartilage seems to be  immune to cancer. Why? If our bodies where made completely of cartilage we would never get cancer?…Have you heard that sharks never get cancer…they do get cancer but its rare in their species…why? 90% of their bodies are made up of cartilage… so we started eating a bunch of shark cartilage…and we still got cancer…and wasted millions of dollars in the 1980’s on Shark cartilage….hair spray and shark cartilage.

Understanding transcription: Why are cartilage cells so resistant to cancer…but blood cells, breast tissue, pancreatic tissue, brain tissue, colon tissue are so vulnerable…the answer is found in transcription: Our body’s cells are continually turning over and being rewritten. Blood cells every 21 days completely rewritten, intestinal lining, bladder lining, esophageal lining rewritten every 72 hours, but cartilage cells are rewritten only once every decade…. in the old days a scribe would take an already written book and copy it to a blank tablet  if someone was to interrupt the scribe during the process a mistake would occur….in the body or brain a mistake in transcription can lead to CANCER! Ok so what interferes in our scribe’s ability to focus?

Top 5 Causes of Cancer in Americans

#1 Age Cancers rates escalate as our regenerative powers decline with age. You can’t avoid this one…well you could..but you would die trying.

#2 Environmental toxins Cell phones near groin or over breast tissue, lap top computers on laps, Type one bottles frozen or heated will drop dioxins into stored fluid, cooking on aluminum or Teflon,  do remember your MBC song about plastics and poisons from the live event? type  1,3,7   your ticket to heaven, 2,4,5 keeps your family alive…exposure to excess estrogen… central body leading to “fat factories” creating excess estrogenic inflammatory metabolites linked to cancer in both men and women….25% for men….33% body fat for females….another reason to lose the belly and butt.

#3 Prolonged exposure to chronic pain, inflammation and reduced blood and nerve flow:

 #4 Free radical damage breathing oxygen has it’s benefits and its draw back.  Free radicals or the “spark of death” are produced by the processing of oxygen in human tissue. These nasty sparks damage our DNA structure disrupting transcription leading to accelerated aging and cancer cascades. Look down at the back of your hand. Do you see any age spots… more evidence you have been burned by the spark of death. So you either stop breathing(not a good choice) or learn to easily “resist” oxidative damage by customizing your AM and PM formulas for your specific genetic needs.

#5 Nocebo effect: As a man thinkth, so he is. Proverbs 23:7  . Your attitude can either increase or decrease you rates of developing cancer.

An Ugly truth we have to accept…

All of us have cancer. We wake up with cancer. We live with cancer. We go to sleep with cancer.  The decisions we  do or do not make during the day will decide whether these cancer cell mount a “jail break” or remain locked away in their cellular cells. Science has proven that every single human being alive will go through 12 to 17 bouts of activated cancer in an average life span(72 years). Make sure your prison guards are well paid, well trained and well fed with your customized MBC formulas!

Join the growing number of families entering into the MBC Resistance. If you have a loved one battling through cancer become a InfusionFast expert and lead them through their dark season of sickness. If you have had a profound healing and would like to be in our current research project please contact my office at 540 966-1423 to share your story.