Surving a Summer Sugar Slaughter

MBC SPEED FEED: Brush your teeth three times per day with your MBC paste when you are planning to eat chocolate hearts throughout the day. Hey I’m pathetic and my MOMMA’s a monster when it comes to chocolate and caramels!

Damage Control :The MBC Way

“But honey I had to eat the entire bag you know how the kids are with this stuff”. My young bride rolls her eyes. Because of my sacrifice my children are once again safe!  When else can a man justify eating 3 pounds of caramels and chocolates but on Valentine’s day?

I am adopamine-drivenven brain type who can quickly develop an inappropriate chemical/emotional bond with high glycemic foods due my tendency to become GABA deficient. So here are my tricks on how to survive the scariest night of the year without damaging your metabolism or mind to badly.


I. Everything in moderation . . . NOT!
When you Detox, DETOX.  When you load, LOAD.  IF you throw in the towel, JUST DO IT—and heed the First Absolute.

It is far better to eat a whole cheesecake in one day and follow up with apple cider vinegar than to limit yourself to one slice a day for twelve days.

Consuming that same cheesecake over a 12-day period will create 700% more body fat than eating all of it at one sitting.  Why?  The body is incredibly sensitive to hormone imbalance.   Remember—it’s not the caloric content that adds fat—it’s the body’s hormonal response. Eat the candy…all of it… in one night! Do not store up the candy. Eat to your heart’s (aka your GABA deficient left hemisphere) desire. Clean up and then give the rest of the mess to the neighbor you don’t like.

It is far better to stimulate the Appetite Center on one day than on twelve consecutive days.  Brain centers grow larger every time they are stimulated.  An over-stimulated Appetite Center can overpower the conscious YOU and put you back to pre-Boot Camp status.

II. Never leave your Appetite center

Food Sequencing

Humans require a way to distinguish between safe and dangerous foods. Bitter and sour foods we find unpleasant, while salty, sweet, and meaty tasting foods generally provide a pleasurable sensation. The five specific tastes received by gustatory receptors are salty, sweet, bitter, sour, and umami, which mean “savory” or “meaty” in Japanese.

Taste is a form of chemoreception which occurs in specialized receptors in the mouth. These receptors are known as taste cells, and they are contained in bundles called taste buds, which are contained in raised areas known as papillae that are found across the tongue. Each receptor has a different manner of sensory transduction: that is, detecting the presence of a certain compound and starting an action potential which ultimately alerts the brain either stimulating or suppressing our appetite nuclei located within the hypothalamus.

OK… so what. I believe if the last taste in your mouth is dominated by a salty, savory or sweet sensation then your appetite nuclei will remain on for hours instructing your body to gorge itself on that type of food. Horses, if left without supervision, will literally eat themselves to death on sugar cubes.

It is also my belief that you can turn the desire to over eat off if you suppress the tastes in your mouth by sequencing your foods ending with “texturizing” foods or sour foods.

Example One: For breakfast you will consume bacon, a cup of black coffee, and a bowl of oatmeal. What is the sequence you should use to make sure you do not engage in hyperphagia (over eating).

Rule 1: Never finish your meal with a sweet or salty taste residue left in your mouth.

Rule 2: Use texturizing foods and or bitter or sour food substrates to suppress the sweet, salty, and savory residues left by certain richer tasting foods.

Examples: Oatmeal is a heavy texturizing food that can suppress almost any taste in your mouth. Coffee is a bitter tasting food product that suppress sweet and salty. (The juice of lemon or lime can be used to cleanse the palate after either type of food.)

The answer to your example would be: You would eat the bacon first (salty), then the oatmeal (texturizing), then finish with a cup of black coffee (bitter).

Let’s try another one. It is your birthday. Your family takes you out to your favorite restaurant for an early dinner. Your menu is cheese cake, rib eye steak, and grilled asparagus. What is the appropriate order you should consume these foods in?

That’s right solider… your cheese cake is first, then the rib eye, and finish with the asparagus. You can also take the lemon floating in your ice water and squeeze it down your throat if you can’t convince your family to have dessert first.

Hint:  In an emergency binge situation administer (4) aggressive sprays of Listerine Pocket Mist directly on the tongue and back of the throat. Brushing your teeth with a non-fluoride tooth paste works as well.  My most effective method of suppressing cravings and appetites after eating sugary foods is a quick shot of lime juice.


Never finish a meal with a sweet, salty or savory taste.  Prevent cravings for those tastes by finishing with a sour—like lemon or lime juice. So eat your bag of Swedish fish Dracula….and rinse out your mouth with lemon juice.

3. Prepare a trap for the toxin

The trick to making a big mess without it sticking to our butts and guts is proactively preparing your system. Modify your Metabolic Blade before your nightmare on metabolic street by adjusting the levels of l-glutamine. To prepare for the “sugar surge” coming latter in your day consider the following modifications ( not recommended for Dumpers):

A. Prepare an acid & Fiber Trap:  The following will create a very temporary metabolic wall greatly reducing sugar absorption into your blood stream. Do not do this more than once in a week and avoid this protocol if you have GI issues. If you do this right you will block as much as 70% of the candy calories you are planning to consume tonight.

Have the MBC oatmeal and add another full serving of walnuts or almonds. For lunch eat a cup of almonds or walnuts nothing else. Double your normal amounts of ACV in your Blade and add one tablespoon of l glutamine.

4. Damage Control:  Clean up this body right now young lady!

Choose wisely

Review the Glycemic Index chart in the back of your MBC Work Book Appendix. Make your candy choices trend to lower glycemic sugars. Our MBC favorites are Snickers, Twix cookie bars, Dark milk chocolate, chocolate bars with nuts( fats stabilize blood sugars). Extremely toxic triggers are unfortunately found in Kudos bar (health bar what a joke) Jelly Beans, Kandy Corn (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!) Skittles, Smarty’s, popcorn, and Mars bars.

Follow your Sugar Slaughter with a high dose of l glutamine (2 TBSP of our MBC L glutamine in 4 oz. of a low glycemic juice) and one full ounce of apple cider vinegar. If you have done things right your sugar hangover should be mild and most of the toxins with end up in your toilet in the morning. BETTER OUT THAN IN.  Look yourself in the eye in your mirror and ask: Was this all really worth it? The answer of course will always be…YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Have an  amazing Easter.

Make sure you defeat the inflammation process this type of food caused by consuming your PM blend pain formula at night( 1 scoop PM blend  + 1 scoop ProCollagen Combo in 12 oz. hot  tumeric tea).