Dr. Tom: ” I have been following this protocol for the past 29 months and 10 days  and have yet to get sick.”

Metabolic SpeedFeed


Note:for kids under 10 lower the dose of Vitamin D3 to 5000 ius.

Step I: In the morning take 20 oz. of spring water and add 1 scoop GEN IX AM blend http://metabolicbootcamp.com/product/watermelon-am-blend/ with 1/2 teaspoon powdered ascorbic acid. Drink quickly. Take 10,000 IUs of Vitamin D3 suspended in olive oil( never purchase Vitamin D3 suspended in soybean oil!)

Step II: Insert Metabolic paste (3 to 1 ratio coconut oil to metabolic l glutamine) liberally into nasal passage prior to leaving the home.

Step III: Brush your teeth with your MBC metabolic paste for a minimum of 2 minutes.

Step IV: When you get home from school or the workplace repeat Steps II & III.

Step V: Take 2 scoops of GEN 10 PM http://metabolicbootcamp.com/product/lemon-lime-pm-blend/ suspended in 5 oz. tart cherry juice at  8:30 pm for a massive immunological boost.


You know the signs. The signs that you’re about to be assaulted by a vicious virus. Your throat starts to get scratchy, tender, and painful… Like you been burned by acid. This is an indicator that your primary walls of defense have been breached by the enemy and they are about to pour into your sinus, upper respiratory systems, and bloodstream and be in your face before you know it. So what do you do when you’re in an all-out assault? Easy, batten down your hatches by sticking  Dr. Tom’s Metabolic paste up your nose of course(with a clean cotton swab)! Let me now show you how to vaporize that virus, bash in that bacteria, and have victory over the enemy before the war even starts. Read on….

Beware of Barrier Breakers!

It is so simple to get a human being sick. All you really have to do is break down our primary barrier of defense… our mucous membranes. All you have to do to break down a human beings mucous membranes is to apply slightly acidic substance to the surface and wait. In just a few seconds the membrane will dissolve allowing entry of the regional virus, bacteria, or fungi to penetrate into the regional soft tissues and eventually into their capillary beds. You gottem! Within a matter of minutes that human being will be afflicted with a systemic infection. Here are a list of the top three barrier Breakers and how to avoid them.

1. Air humidity below 60% Grandma keeps that house pretty hot doesn’t she. When you go over to visit her you always come out with sinus congestion, a sore throat, and a short stabbing cough. Gotcha! The dry air caused by her heat pump and or gas logs quickly damages the mucous membrane with in your sinus cavity, oral cavity, and upper respiratory tract. Solution: before going over to grandma’s insert a liberal amount of Dr. Tom’s Metabolic paste into your nasal passages. This should protect you for approximately six hours of exposure to this type of toxic environment. Next, at your home place activate a micro mist cool mist humidifier. I recommend Air-O- Swiss which can be purchased from Bed, Bath and Beyond. You may want to pick one up for grandma as well. Set the humidifier for 60% humidity and emphasize the bedroom environment.http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/boneco-air-o-swiss-reg-ultrasonic-cool-mist-humidifier/117631?Keyword=air+o+swiss

2.  Pollen, mold, and dust exposure:just simply leave your windows open to enjoy a cool breeze during the night and wake up with a sore throat and sinuses that feel like they been sand papered… because they have. Our regional foliage generates a pollen micro dust which has an acidic level that rivals that of battery acid. Just let that set up on your mucous membranes for a few seconds and see what kind of holes you can rip in your primary barrier of defense. If this is a habit you choose to continue I would recommend prior to your bedtime inserting a liberal amount of our metabolic paste into your nasal cavity and brushing your teeth and gargling for a minimum of two minutes with our metabolic paste prior to bedtime.… Or you can simply close the windows.

3.   Drinking a fluid with a pH below 7.0: do you want to get a sinus infection really quick?… Or how about strep throat? It’s so easy just simply take another sip off of that diet soda. Between the phosphoric acid and the high fructose corn syrup commonly found in American drinks you will easily blow holes in your primary barrier within seconds. Wah-la  strep throat. Do your family a favor and refrain from common American drinks that have high acid levels during the cold and flu season.

10 million pounds of phosphoric acid is produced in the United States every year. Most of it is used to created corrosive cleaners, chemical detergents, and fertilizers. Some of it ends up in our children’s mouths. Phosphoric acid burns the taste buds right off the tongue leaving the person with only two levels of tastes: the extremely salty and the extremely sweet. Imagine that. In the steel industry it is used to clean and rust proof the product. In the beverage industry it is used to as a flavoring agent in carbonated beverages. In chemical reactions phosphoric acid binds to Calcium and Magnesium to form complexes or chelates. Remember this fact. Ingestion of phosphoric acid can lead to tissue necrosis (death) within the upper and lower GI tract.

The phosphoric acid commonly found in sodas has a pH of 2.5 which is 100,000 times more acidic than a healthy human body. Now that schools are being subsidized by large soda companies dentists are noticing a condition in teenagers that use to be found only in the elderly- a complete loss of enamel on the teeth, resulting in stained and yellow teeth(much like that of a child using antibiotics) The ADA is placing blame on phosphoric acid in soft drinks, which they are claiming is causing this accelerated decay rate of the tooth enamel and bone loss of the regional gum lines. Normally, the salvia of a healthy human is slightly alkaline (7.25)

When a soda enters the oral cavity the pH of the environment violently drops becoming dangerously acidic. It is the phosphoric acid found within the soda that causes this brutal drop in the pH. In order to “buffer” this acidic saliva and bring the pH back up to 7.0, the body pulls Mg and Ca ions from the surrounding teeth and jaw line. The result is a very rapid depletion of the enamel coating of the teeth. When dentist perform cosmetic bonding they first damage the teeth making them rough to hold the epoxy. The do this by Appling… you guessed it phosphoric acid. I wonder if this is why we are finding so many soda drinking teenage girls with advancing brittle bone disease.  If phosphoric acid is within the top five ingredients of the product you are considering purchasing place it back on the self upside down to warn others of the damage it will cause.

Here are the pH levels of the filth we are putting into our kids…and we wonder why they are fracturing bone just getting out of bed, Keep in mind the pH of battery acid is 1 and the pH of your MBC blade is 10.0:

In my  opinion for brittle bones, broken brains, and rotted teeth and mutilated mucous membranes please continue to drink: Gatorade(2.9)  ,Coke 5.5, Diet Coke 3.4 (notice diet drinks are more acidic then their counterparts), Apple Juice 3.4, Kool-Aid Jammers 3.5, Dr. Pepper 2.9, Mountain Dew 3.2, Sunny Delight 2.4( most acidic on list) Propel 3.2, Advocare Spark 5.7

Solution for throat damage after ingesting a fluid that has toxic levels of acidity: place 1 tablespoon of our metabolic paste into the oral cavity and have your patient brush their teeth and gargle with the substance for a minimum of two minutes. Plan B place 1 teaspoon of our metabolic free-form L-glutamine powder into the oral cavity and take a couple sips of pure spring water.


This is the immune barrier building protocols MBC recommends when entering into an environment that has toxic loads of viruses/bacteria ( Airports/.Airplanes,Hospitals, Day Care, Missions, Churches, Buffet Lines, Grocery stores, Public bathrooms etc.) and/ or has high levels of tissue damaging acidic bi-products like pollen, mold , chemical fumes, chemo-therapuetic agents, radiation etc.

MBCers it’s time to suit up in your Metabolic Armor! It is time to RESIST!

Boot campers, in order to prepare for the oncoming viral assault and protect your family from the cellular slaughter these viruses can unleash in our systems, consider making the following upgrade to your metabolic armor for the next thirty days:

Fortify the Primary Wall of Your Defense: Your Skin and Mucus Membranes

1. Begin to use your Metabolic toothpaste at least two times a day during the summer allergy/pollen, cold and flu seasons. Review Detox section of your MBC Gen II Workbook. If you don’t have one call 540 966-1423 or purchase one at our online store at http://metabolicbootcamp.com/.



Consider gently placing a liberal amount of the paste (without the essential oils) into your nasal opening if you know you are going to be around a lot of sick people or out in high pollen/mold environments. Side note: if you are outdoors quite a bit be sure to brush your teeth and gargle for a minimum of two minutes with the aftermath of the paste thus insuring complete removal of the extremely acidic pollen and mold spores common to SW Virginia.

Sinus Application: 3 parts coconut oil/1 part glutamine. Hint remove the baking soda , peppermint oil, and xylitol form your recipe if you are planning to use this in your sinus cavity.


Spit this acidic mess out of your mouth. Consider using a Neti Pot with distilled water prior to applying the MBC paste as well. If you do not remove the pollen/mold spore residue it will “eat” away at your mucous membranes in turn allowing the virus to penetrate your blood stream. This spells big trouble because the enemy has breached your walls and is now entering your court yard!

  1. After showering  spray yourself down with our Metabolic Detox Spray.  Please reference  the Detox section of our NEW GEN III MBC Personal Work Book . By opening the pores with a hot shower you allow the restoring properties of our new GEN 10 PM blend to penetrate deep into your damaged epidermis. Let the spray “set” on your skin and either air dry or speed the process up by using a blow dryer. You may smell like a birthday cake for awhile. Your skin may feel tighter after the treatment due to the repair of the collagen tight junctions between your skin cells.


Prepare your Inner courts for an all-out assault

In MBC you learn that the power is in the blood. The battle against cancer is fought in the blood. If a virus breaches our walls the battle with this fiend is in the blood. NOBODY IS BETTER AT BUILDING THE BLOOD THEN MBC! So let’s get your soldiers online and ready to roll!

  1. Upgrade your Vitamin D3 (NOT D2…D3!) to Max Protect levels. If you are less than 150 lbs. begin to take 30,000 IUs of Vitamin D3 for the next 30 days then cut it back to 10,000 IUs until the flu season ends. If your are over 150 lbs. like me (one too many Wendy’s burgers) move your D3 levels to 50,000 IUs for the next 30 days and then drop back to 10,000 IUs until the cold and flu season ends. This upgrade is not needed if you are currently using the Gen 10 PM formula. I have added an infusion of a high quality Vitamin D3 with a Vitamin C & Zinc carrier to the PM blend…I have kissed my pain and the flu bug goodbye FOREVER using this stuff!

If you have become infected move to Plan B protocol . MBCer, you will know when you have ingested a virus… feeling cold and clammy(Nervous system response), joints begin to ach, lighted head( remember what you learned in MBC when you are poisoned your blood sugars will spike then drop causing you to become light headed or what we in MBC call “The Foggy Bonnet syndrome.”

This classic TTR(toxic trauma response) is the first sign of a viral breach and a advanced Boot camper will recognize this and response lightning fast by activating Plan B protocols: if you are under 150 lbs. move your Vitamin D3 levels from 30,000 IUs to 50,000 IUs for the next 4 days. Then take 7 days off from Vitamin D3. After that week off move back to 10,000 IUs until the flu & cold season is over. If you are over 150 lbs. follow Plan B with the following modification : spike your Vitamin D3 levels to 70,000 IUs for 4 days than off for 17 days.

Remember, as I have been told for the 22 years I have served as a point of service physician…I am not a REAL doctor…my recommendations are dangerous…QUACK QUACK QUACK… but also recall “the proof is in the pudding” and results speak louder than reality. Yes, this is a high level of Vit D3 but  if your are actively participating in MBC, or at least drinking your “pink drink” (Metabolic Blade) science shows that your internal system can handle toxic chemicals and radiation 2 to 3 times more effectively then when you aren’t on MBC protocols…I know a small spike in Vitamin D3 for a short period of time is not going to damage a system with that kind of protection.

Upgrade your Blade

The recipe for your Detox Metabolic Blade is listed in the Detox section of your MBC GEN II Work Book. Use this daily during the cold and flu season with the addition of 500mg of an esterified Vitamin C powder. Look for a high quality esterified powdered Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

Soldier, your are now suited up with your Flu fighting armor upgrades. Good luck in this war! It’s going to get ugly. But as you co-workers puke their guts out and spit up mucous, just sip on your Blade and gently smile.

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Dr. Tom’s concepts, procedures, and formulas are not condoned by the AMA nor have they been reviewed by the FDA.