When assessing whether you are an Accumulator or Dumper you may have difficulty identifying your true “tendency” from the side effects of the drugs you are currently on and/or the current pathological (diseased state) of one or more of your organs or glands. 

Example 1: If you are dealing with a throttled thyroid (Hypo-Hyper) a common side effect would be constipation and dry skin. 

Example 2: If your tendency is actually a Dumper, who currently has a thyroid challenge then you could mistakenly categorize yourself an Accumulator. This would dramatically affect your ability to progress through MBC and greatly reduce your chances of reaching higher and higher levels of health and healing. 

Here is the solution. Think back to the past when you were a child. What was your physiological state then? If your mother is still alive ask her. Focus on energy states, chronic immune issues, sleep disturbances and bowel functions. These patterns tend to be a much better indicator of your “true” metabolic tendency.

Accumulator Characteristics

  • Mental tendency: left Hemi (can be either) Craves sweet and fatty foods
  • Family history of thyroid, obesity, diabetes, seizure, kidney stones, gallstones, CHF, stroke, CVD, gout
  • Tissues targeted: Thyroid, arterial blockages, colon and pancreatic cancer, kidney stones, fatty liver disease, cartilage
  • Stigmata tendencies: enlarging cuticles, dark circles under eyes, puffy bags under eyes, difficulty getting to sleep due to the chatter in the left hemisphere. Fails the hair test. Fails the waistline test. Elevated blood pressures and elevated heart rates (Elevated heart rates with normal to low blood pressures suggests Dumper)
  • Blood stigmata: elevated blood glucose (above 90 mg/dl), elevated A1C (above 5.0). Elevated TSH elevated BUN/Creatinine, elevated Sodium levels, elevated LDLs
  • Tendency for Nervous energy states which can spike into sleep disturbances and mild to moderate anxiety. Prolonged neurological irritation can lead to mental fatigue, intolerance to simple challenges and nervous breakdowns.

More characteristics: Constipation, Bloating bowels, swollen joints to a point where they have trouble getting rings on and off their fingers. Low core temps, elevated acid levels, triple digit blood sugars, they gain more than 2 pounds of weight during the day (compare AM weight to PM weight same day) refer the Accumulator to pp. 16 (Signs of Food-related Toxicity) Can put 8 to 10 pounds of weight on in a 48 hour period of time.

Accumulators Must Always:

  • Eliminate fluoride residue completely: replace standard toothpaste with 1:1 :1baking soda to pharmaceutical grade L- glutamine (not glutamine peptides or D–glutamine!) to coconut oil.
  • Enter the Metabolic Cocoon: Each night two layers of clothing are used to gain access to the subcutaneous layers of the Accumulator, under garments of cotton (soft sweat suit) outer garment is a sauna suit. They sleep in this and awaken then spray down with ACV. Letting this “set” for ten minutes the Accumulator then showers and prepares for the day. I will demonstrate this at the seminar on Saturday.
  • 5 sessions of “Sweat Therapy”. 15 to 20 minutes low intensity, low impact cardio prior to dinner only on MBC days, not over the weekend. After sweat session spray down with 1:1 ratio of ACV and distilled water. Let set up on skin and hair for 10 minutes then shower off.
  • Detox Cleanser Crucial: Sorry accumulators but your AM and PM Detox cleanser are crucial in keeping your body, which has the tendency to “ clogged up”, free flowing and washed clean of toxic filth. Here is some good news. People who use the cleansers tend to loss more toxic fat and have much less joint pain then those that do not. An acceptable modification to the cleanser is to add 10 fresh, thoroughly washed strawberries to the blended tart cherry celery carrier. No other additions are permitted during MBC.
  • Must vary food intact patterns every 48 hours to avoid “accumulative” effect of nutrients leading to metabolic stagnation and “fat backflow”.
  • Consider Detox supplement upgrades: 1200 mg of NAC daily to enhance the “waste removal” process that tends to lag behind in the Accumulator. Please take some time out of your busy schedule to research GLUTATHIONE, an amazing amino acid that seeks and destroys poisons within our bodies. Yes, both l glutamine and NAC support the production of glutathione and are much less expensive. Yes, it is an extraordinarily expensive amino acid (we use it in the hospitals to save lives from overdose) but I have seen some amazing healings when this amino acid is used effectively.
  • If the Accumulator is dealing with hypertension (BP over 120/85) consider upgrading your metabolic blade with 500 mg of GABA and 500 mg of Magnesium Citrate. Monitor your BP in the early morning for 7 days. You can increase the dose to 1000mg of GABA and 1000mg Magnesium citrate to achieve desired results.

Accumulators should snack on: Almonds and sunflower seeds. They must replace peanut butter with almond butter, replace cow’s milk with almond milk and replace soups with fresh washed salads (never iceberg lettuce)

Accumulators should never

  • Never Eat tilapia, mercury laced tuna, soy sauce, foods enhanced with salts, butters, sauces, or soups enhanced with salts or soy.
  • Hidden killers of the Accumulator: Carrageenan (thickener found in coconut & almond milk), dough processor (aka bleach), bleach …… MSG . Fluoride …..aspartame …… low fat products (high in salts and sorbitols), sugar alcohols …


This metabolic type unfortunately has a genetic weakness built into the “membrane matrix” of their bodies. These membranes protect us from the internal and external environment, separate and sequester the different compartments of the body which are not supposed to mix and mingle. The most obvious system affected by this genetic issue is the intestinal tract however, their blood brain barrier is often breeched, their respiratory mechanisms of their lungs and sinuses are commonly influenced, and unfortunately their vascular systems including their bone marrow are afflicted. Their renal systems are easily penetrated by external pathogens (UTIs are common in the Dumper) and their DNA stability is often breeched making them very prone to oxidative cancers.

Dumper Characteristics

  • Mental Tendency: Either Cravings: red meat, salts
  • Past health History: Multiple antibiotics, ear infections, chronic fatigue, IBS, UTI
  • Family history: Chronn’s disease, peptic ulcers, IBS, Celiac sprue (gluten sensitivity), Ulcerative colitis, anemia, leukemia, colon cancer, aneurysms, arrthymia, Parkinson’s disease, Senile dementia, Diverticulitis
  • Tissue’s targeted: Digestive tract, sinuses, brain, cardiac tissue, blood -bone marrow, osteoporosis,
  • Associated Stigmata: dark circles under eyes, vertical crease in ear lobe, elevated heart rate (70 plus), tends to be acidic in the blood and alkaline in the urine( dumpers tend to lose bone density which is excreted out through the urine making the urine more alkaline leading to a higher rate of UTI)
  • Blood Stigmata: low albumin levels, low ferritin levels, low hemoglobin levels, high blood calcium

Mental tendencies since the blood brain barrier tend to breech on the Dumper we have tendencies to become of kilter with serotonin- dopamine regulations. This is commonly misdiagnosed as depression. As our brains attempt to correct this imbalance we can become very animated from a “cerebral overcorrection” leading to a feeling of euphoria. Couple with swings in our blood sugar of greater than 20 points this metabolic destabilization is often misdiagnoses as bi-polar. This is most true if the Dumper is also a left hemisphere dominate.

More characteristics of a Dumper: severe cramping without bloating of the bowels, explosive diarrhea, nocturnal cramping of the lower extremities, rapid resting heart rate , cold clammy extremities, aggressive gum decay, terrible bowel gas, terrible breath.

Dumpers must Never:

  • Consume heavy fiber meals: Ice burg lettuce, high fiber fruits and vegetables, salads, even strawberries can aggravate their intestinal tract.
  • Never use antibiotics:
  • Consume heavy red meats: Dumpers have very weak digestive enzymes even though the trend to ulcers this is because they have weak membranes not excessive strong acids. If a Dumper was to eat a heavy red meat meal they should always follow it up with a chaser of AVC. A Dumper should focus on chicken, fish etc.
  • Never Consume Sugar alcohols and minimize exposure to alcohol: Dumper tend to get extremely dehydrated which makes them very susceptible to cardiac arrthymias and sudden death syndromes. Alcohol is an aggressive dehydrator, and sugar alcohol can aggravate an already thin inflamed digestive tract leading to excessive diarrhea causing…severe dehydration. If a Dumper drinks they should consider beer and wine over hard liquor and fruity drinks. With each beer the Dumper should drink a minimum of 16 oz of lemon water.
  • Never restrict salt intact

A Dumper should always

  • Supplement with K and Mg. Focus on consuming foods with high K, Mg, and Na levels like Sweet potatoes stuffed with butter and cinnamon.
  • Use daily probiotic enriched foods: 3oz of Kefir with 1 TSP of free form l-glutamine prior to each loading meal
  • Use daily Hyper-saturation techniques: see MBC vascular formula with lemon juice and ACV(Apple cider vinegar may irritate the bowels of a Dumper remove if bowels remain loose for more than 72 hours) Hint add 1 tsp l glutamine to your Metabolic Blade to accelerate bowel healing.