I claim to be 8% body fat. I claim that I eat whatever I want and then some! I claim that I am allergic to exercise and that I do less than 4 minutes of exercise, in total, on any given day.I claim that, currently, I am  50 years 137 days and 7 1/2 hours old. That’s what I claim. The only way to verify or refute my claim is to apply the advance MBC routine that I will share with you shortly to your own life….I always say proof is in the pudding….so Puddin’ what are you waiting for? Prove me wrong or get lean and lovely with very little effort. Either way you win.

Shortly, I will be sending you, via email, a blog  entitled How I quit Metabolic Boot Camp, lost 103 pounds and regained my Brain.. in this blog I will show you my advanced MBC metabolic routine that has allowed myself and others to become incredibly strong and lean with less than 4 minutes of effort on any given day. Click the video below for a sample of one of the MBC routines. Look for the full story in your email inbox under the title How  I quit metabolic Boot Camp, lost 103 pounds and regained my brain.

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