I am the laziest man you will ever meet. There isn’t an elevator that doesn’t have my name on it or an escalator that I can’t wait to ride in the mall. One of my most favorite things to do is to relax back on the couch consuming a half gallon of expresso ice cream from the Homestead creamery (www.facebook.com/pages/Homestead-Creamery-Inc/152846474769734) watching  my gorgeous wife Karen re-stain our deck.

Life would be perfect for me if it wasn’t for one small thing… people have somehow got this strange idea that I am some sort of nutritional guru. They think that I have this perfect diet, that I workout 2 hours a day and would never even think of eating junk food. They could not be more wrong about me. I am truly an obese man trapped inside this metabolic prison trying to escape everyday.

I have been told that image is everything and that I must “look the part” when it comes to being a Wellness provider…but I love my ice cream and I am deathly allergic to hard work….so I must somehow “appear” like I am a disciplined fitness fanatic with complete control over my cravings…. without given up my ice cream, chili cheese fries, or passionate avoidance of exercise. Here is how I fool the public and myself:


First thing in the morning I quickly consume my MBC Metabolic Accelerator( 2 scoops AM blend, 1 TBSP L tyrosine, 1 tsp ascorbic acid 1 TBSP lemon juice,  10 oz of a low sugar lemonade and 10 oz of water) and  then cycle through a session of The Metabolic Plank and the Sugar Squat. When I say I cycle through a session what I mean is that I do three Metabolic Planks which I hold for 60 seconds each and then I finish off  with a 3 minute Sugar Squat. That’s it. Do the math. That is no more than 6 minutes of actually activity. Here is what it looks like :

Next, I move into the bathroom and flip the switch to my 100 watt Happy Lights. I then spray down with our MBC Detox Spray( in #2  spray bottle I have mixed 10 parts distilled water, 1 part ACV and 2 full scoops of the PM blend). I spray the body and head down completely accept for my feet…don’t want to slip off my Metabolic Ball. I insert a small amount of our MBC paste into my nasal passages. I squirt ten pumps of the Detox spray into my mouth along with the MBC paste. I get up onto the Metabolic ball,  brush my teeth and have at it for two minutes:

Since applying the PM Pain & Brain formula( 3 oz. of tart cherry juice, 1 scoop GEN 10 PM blend and 3 oz of vanilla almond milk) and doing the Metabolic Ball routine I have become completely pain free from my chronic plantar fascitis, bilateral knee pain, and left sided sciatica.  It is  so AWESOME to be pain free..without drugs!

Now you know all my beauty secrets…Hey, if it was that easy everyone would be as beautiful as ME!…you’ve gotta work for that type gorgeous!

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