How I quit Metabolic Boot Camp, lost 103 pounds and regained my Brain

Synopsis: Read how a young lady restored her mental and metabolic life by applying only 3  of the 107 concepts taught in our MBC program…which three?  READ ON….

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She looked AMAZING!  She had to be down a hundred plus pounds. She had been through our MBC program multiple times. She would drink her pink drink ,feel better when she did…but she never really caught fire and had that healing I hope and pray you all will experience while in Metabolic Boot Camp (MBC). I hadn’t seen her in many months.  “Wow, you look GREAT! What did you do? What finally worked!?”  “Well” she said sheepishly…I actually quit Boot camp …”  What this young lady told me next would change the way I looked at my own life and Metabolic Boot Camp forever. I am writing this from my memory and I have changed the Boot camper’s name for reasons that will become evident to you as you read on.


Cathy C :” I sat in one of your Boot campers many years ago and was completely overwhelmed by what I experienced. You made me aware of how my brain was bashing my body to bits. You made me aware of how the abusive relationship I was in was making me fatter and sicker day after day. You made me look in the mirror, and for the first time, I saw the ugly genetic mental and metabolic mess that I was dealing with from damage sustained during my time spent in the less than perfect womb provides by my manic mother and chain-smoking father.

As I sat in my car after that first session I began to cry.With tears streaming down my face I then drove to the local Dairy Queen and consumed a heath bar enhanced Blizzard. What a loser I was. It was almost surreal. You had just warned me that areas of my brain would “hijack” my conscious mind forcing me to do things I knew would damage me … and there I was doing just exactly that….what a big fat loser…what’s the. Dr. Tomism .. oh yah… what a left hemisphere loser!”

Dr. Tom: ” Hey take it easy…you should have looked in your rear-view mirror at Diary Queen that day…that was me honking and screaming for you to hurry it up!” She smiled.

Cathy C: ” Doc, I can tell you really do love us. You are so passionate about helping others…but your message is SO overwhelming…. the brain stuff WOW…the genetic..epigenetic issues…It was like trying to take a drink off a pressure washer…it actually hurt my head trying to wrap my head around what seemed like a 100 different concepts.”

Dr. Tom: ”  It’s actually 107 unique concepts we introduce you to in MBC.”

Cathy C: ” Whatever! It is overwhelming. You have been described as a “hummingbird on heroine” maybe… after its been eating bird feed laced with amphetamines! Your program is literally TOO MUCH for one to handle in one, two or twenty servings…so like many others… I folded…I quit the program….and I just got sicker, fatter and more fatigued.”

….what was even scarier was that you haunted me from that point on. All those weird images and Dr. Tomisms kept jumping into my brain at night.. “when your bloating you’re fat coating” ” Your husband is making you fat…your co-worker is giving you cancer” ” Don’t answer the door if you see a left head tilt”… if you don’t bubble wrap you brain you will end up bubble wrapping your belly”….just what I needed! more weirdness in my already messed up left hemisphere! What was even sadder is that everything your told me would happen HAPPENED! I exercised and I got fatter! I took Paxil and I got fatter and blocked up my bowels! All your weirdness was coming true in my life.

Dr. Tom: ” So what happened. What caused you to manifest such massive changes. I mean you look like you down 100 pounds. You look amazing!”

Cathy C: She smiles and puffs out her chest ” Actually .. It’s a 103 thank you very much! ”

Dr. Tom: “Wow, so what did you finally do to make such a massive change in your metabolism?”

Cathy C: ” I came to three very ugly conclusion. First, my life was overwhelming me. Ugly divorce, daughter on drugs,  a granddaughter to take care of and a 40 plus hour a week wickedly stressful job.” ” Second, I wasn’t getting any younger. I was quickly becoming just another piece of rotted fruit, soon to fall, from my sagging family tree of cancer, dementia, and depression.” ” and the ugliest truth of them all is I knew every word you said that day was the gospel truth!…but there was no way I could apply all those truths to my current  life situations….”

Dr. Tom: ” and?”

Cathy C: ” So, I decide that I would take three of those truths and apply them to my life for 365 days. Just three! not all 107! just three!”

Dr Tom: ” So, which ones ?”

Cathy C: ” The mouth. I started to work on the health of my gums and teeth.”

Dr. Tom: ” Why the mouth?”

Cathy C: ” Two reasons…. my gums would bleed every time I would brush my teeth which was gross …and I think I straight up paid for my dentist BMW with how much I was sending on root canals!

Dr. Tom: A filthy mouth leads to a filthy heart and a mangled metabolism.”

Cathy C: ” EXCUSE ME!”

Dr. Tom: ” A filthy mouth leads to filthy blood. It is one on the core concepts we teach at MBC. Inflammation of the gums and teeth will spill toxins into the blood and brain leading to joint pain, heart disease, and in my opinion a bad brain. Crippling to the metabolism.”” I also believe chronic gum disease and inflammation provokes the regional lymphatics into pathological activities adversely effecting the immune system leading to a higher risk of  developing lymphoma.”

Cathy C: ” Ok, anyway. I started using your MBC toothpaste religiously…and the stuff actually worked. My gums stopped bleeding. I even pushed it into my nose twice a day and again before I would go out to do yard work. The sore throats and constant sinus drainage all but disappear….and my dental hygienist tells me my mouth and teeth have never looked better…and the best part about it I lost 17 pounds over that year without changing my diet at all. Oh, and I pissed off my dentist when I told him I stopped using fluoride and started using your paste! He said that was very dangerous and that you weren’t a “real doctor”. I think he is just mad that I have not had to have another root canal since starting your paste.

How to Video on making your MBC paste:




In a covered glass bowl mix a 1/4 cup of pure free form MBC l glutamine with 1 cup virgin cold pressed coconut oil. Mix until creamy and smooth. Apply 3 to 5 times per day.


Cathy administered the MBC paste through two different avenues. She applied the paste in her nasal cavity when she awoke in the morning and right before she went to bed at night. She would brush her teeth with the MBC paste three times per day swishing it in her mouth for a full two minutes while she gently massaged her submandibular lymph glands

Dr. Tom’s Tips:

I am not as dedicated to the process as Cathy. What I do is place a dab  of the MBC paste in my nostrils and gently massage it into the mucous membranes… I then squeeze off ten pumps of the MBC Detox spray(9 prt distilled h20, 1 prt ACV. 2 scoops PM blend #2 Spray bottle) into my mouth and hold it there. I step up onto my Metabolic ball and brush my teeth with the MBC paste for the full two minutes. I spit the whole mess down the sink and carefully step off the ball. Done with my primp, prep, and exercise for the day…I do brush my teeth and insert the paste into my nasal passages at night as well.

Dr Tom: So…. What was next?

Cathy C: Hang on doc…Here’s the point to my story…I dedicated myself to this paste process for ONE FULL YEAR! I never missed a session. I never traveled without it. I became obessed with the process. You said that left hemisphere dominate just can’t let details go…so I decided to use that to my advantage and boy did it work out well. My mouth and teeth never felt or looked better. My chronic sinus drainage disappeared after 6 months of working on my mouth and things just started tasting differently….

Dr. Tom: What do you mean things started tasting differently?

Cathy C: I don’t know…things that I use to sweet tea from McDonald’s…it started to taste like sickly sweet syrup. I was just gross!

Dr. Tom: Gustatory regeneration!

Cathy C: You’re weird!… and you’ve ruined my sweet tea!

Dr. Tom: It’s pretty easy to resist something that tastes gross huh?

Cathy C: Things just started to smell and taste more intensely…Does that make any sense?

Dr. Tom: Oh Yah! The restoration of accurate gustatory recognition is crucial for prolonged mental and metabolic resets.

Cathy C: Speak English.

Dr. Tom: Damage had occurred to the nerves in your tongue, sinus cavity and your taste buds from chronic inflammation and the obligatory use of antibiotic, anti-inflammatories, and antacids just accelerated the issue. By re-establishing an optimal intra-oral environment you have allowed the damaged tissues to repair and regenerate. In return they are supplying your brain with vividly accurate depictions of the “foods” you were ingesting in the past. I use that word “food” very lightly when referring to what most American’s eat.

Cathy C: I can’t count the number of antibiotics I have been on for ear, teeth and upper respiratory infections over my lifetime…I bet it is over 100 rounds of antibiotics.

Dr. Tom:  The average number of exposure to antibiotics for a child raise in America by the time they are 18 is an astounding 88 rounds . 60 % of children with common colds are treated with antibiotics (Journal of Family Practice 1996; 42:357–361). Because children average three to eight colds each year, most accompanied by green or yellow runny noses, they can get many, many rounds of unnecessary (and therefore harmful) antibiotics. So your 100 round guess is probably pretty accurate

All that exposure to the drug will definitely throttled your gustatory/digestive/respiratory systems. After a while all you can taste is a mild sense of salt and sweet…that is why things need to taste sweeter and sweeter to have any taste at all in your mouth…and things that your brain perceived to have no taste are assigned the category of gross or nonfood items. Even fresh water will taste “gross” to a system this damaged. If a person has texture issues to foods, like you and I, they have definitely been damaged in this manner

Cathy C: This explains why I was such a picky eater as a child and why I only was drawn to foods that were intensely sweet or salty! This is making so much sense now!

Dr. Tom: So what was next on your list?

Cathy C: Pain.

Dr Tom: Oh yah now your talking. Focusing on your C reactive protein levels is a great way to drop a bunch of centralized body fat and reduce your decay rates big time!

Cathy C: All I know  was I was hurting all the time. From migraine headaches to plantar fascitis I never had a day in the past  decade that I wasn’t in some type of pain. Your( in-course demo) on what elevated blood sugars other than fudge brownies really struck home with me. You said that we should focus on Pain, Poisons, and People…rather than exercise and dieting…so that is exactly what I did. I finally got out of pain…without drugs…and dropped another 37 pounds!

Dr Tom: SO what exactly did you do to get out of all that pain and inflammation?

Cathy C: I  began that night time pain cocktail the PM formula…it was tough at first…but after awhile that stuff really started to work!

Dr Tom: This is the night time formula that Cathy and I use to naturally reduced our pain and inflammation rates. This is also the formula that Cathy attributes to  her 37 pounds of fat loss over a 12 month span of time. I attribute my marked increase in strength( over 300 pound bench press) and new ability to sleep through the night without having to get up to use the bathroom( after the age of 50  prostates can get pretty angry) to the regular use of this nightly formula.

How to Video on making the upgraded PM Brain & Pain formula


3 oz non GMO Tart Cherry Juice

2 blended Kiwi

3 oz vanilla flavored Almond milk*

1 full scoop Gen 10 PM blend

500 mg free form GABA

* If during MBC you discovered that your Metabolic type was a Dumper please replace the almond milk with coconut milk.

** do not use this formula on REDUCE days!

Cathy C: How does getting out of pain cause the body to drop so much weight?

Dr. Tom: How does pain causes weight gain? It goes right along with my metabolic research on the leading cause of mid-line fat accumulation from excessive insulin release. When our bodies and brains are in pain their central nervous systems are stuck in threat mode. This triggers a massive spike in blood sugars and inflammatory metabolites…the perfect combination to activate lipogensis( fat production) without every biting into a Crispy Cream doughnut!

Cathy C: So it makes sense getting out of pain would lead to weight loss.

Dr. Tom:  It’s not that simple. You can drink a Budweiser and pop an oxycontin and remove the conscious perception of pain…but your brain still experiences the pain which causes  brain damaged  and in response to this damage releases massive amounts of stress steroids which over a period of time leads to excessive mid-line fat accumulation.

Cathy C: You’re bringing back memories of my ex husband.

Dr. Tom: Sorry, just activating the memory banks in your right hemisphere(long term storage) of events or people in your past that your brain perceived as a threat can release these fat feeding hormones as well. Oh, this discussion gets so much worse…in my opinion those that are in pain and that are using anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers for longer that 72 hours are leading themselves right into early onset dementia and accelerated cognitive decline.

Here is a statement I made during a recent interview:

“Chronic neck and lower back pain ( pain>6mo) will be found to be one of the major causes of early onset dementia.” Chronic lower back Pain Is Associated with Brain Volume Loss in Adults: Preliminary Evidence Neilly Buckalew MSIII1, Marc W. Haut PhD5,*, Lisa Morrow PhD2 and Debra Weiner MD2,3,4.

Common Drugs for pain relief will soon be linked to Dementia…

“Those that use OTCs and prescription drugs to manage their chronic pain may actually be accelerating brain loss and increasing their risks of developing early onset dementia.”

My Theory is this….

Amino Acids are critical to human life—we cannot live without them.  One in particular—Glutathione—is the body’s most powerful natural anti-toxin, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory.  Highest concentrations of Glutathione (glue-tah-thigh-own) are found in our eyes, brains, livers and hearts.  Along with other health issues, low levels of Glutathione have been shown to accelerate the chances of an individual developing Early Onset Dementia.

A common chemical used in the US today has been shown to quickly drain the brain reservoirs of this life sustaining amino acid.

This powerful chemical is used in more than 600 over-the-counter products, including Robitussin®, Excedrin®, Theraflu®, Nyquil®, Children’s Tylenol®, Goody’s® Powders and many store brand pain/flu medications.  [ See:]  It’s Acetaminophen—the generic name for Tylenol®. 

The FDA lists over 70 prescriptions that contain acetaminophen, and warns against its potential to cause severe and irreversible, liver injury. [ Search Acetaminophen at: ]

Unless you are OK with working against your body’s natural defenses, you might want to avoid products that contain acetaminophen.  If you take prescriptions that include acetaminophen, you might want to ask your Health Care Provider for a substitute that does not contain this Glutathione-depleting chemical.

Pay attention to what you give to your family, too—especially to the kids.

Dr Tom: OK…so your out of pain and off the drugs. What caused the rest of the weight to fall off.

Cathy C:  My brain…my brain was mess! I use to be a really strong person…I mean I could handle any storm the world threw at me… but something happened and…Doc… I got to the point that…if the wind blew in the wrong direction..I would be in tears…I felt like a raw nerve…everything hurt…everything bothered me…I couldn’t shut my mind off at night… I thought I was going crazy! This was not like me. I use to be so strong!


Dr. Tom: You still are…when your brain is set in threat mode 100% of the time your tolerance for people, places, and problems will bottom out. Without your brain tolerance..or what I like to call “brain bubble wrap”…everything and everyone will be irritating to you…including yourself! Talk about a bad place to be….and the worse thing we can do, as physicians, in that situation is place you on antidepressant or anxiety medication. ..this just adds gasoline to the fire.

Warning: the following short film can be disturbing to some viewers. (The Raw Nerve: An amazing young film maker captures the all too real terror of being left on  brain altering drugs for too long.)

Cathy C: “Oh I’m living proof of that! Once they put me on Paxil my weight shot  up to over 200 pounds! That witch should have warned me of the side effects!”

Dr Tom: “So what did you do?”

Cathy C:” I stopped the Paxil cold turkey( really bad idea), I upgraded my AM blend with the brain booster you described in MBC and started to applied the P.O.P. the thought technique. I did those two weird exercises you showed me to balance the brain. Doc, I felt like a fool doing this stuff…but I pictured you doing them right along side of me..and in a weird way..that help me.”

Dr. Tom: “I don’t need the Brain booster upgrades anymore…but I do my Metabolic Ball exercise and my Trap Trigger point reduction technique everyday…. it would be kind of nice to think I wasn’t the only one doing these strange things in the bathroom. My wife says I look like a circus bear when I am standing on the ball.” Cathy smiles.

Cathy C: “I did them daily. I would drink my Brain Booster AM formula. I would draw a cross on the mirror. I would stand on the medicine ball in front of those Happy Lights you talked about and focus hard on the cross. I noticed that with each day my brain became more and more focused and, amazingly , I stopped crying at the drop of  a hat. When my head pain syndrome started up I would reduce the tension in my neck and shoulder with that exercise you showed me. Between that (exercise) and using PM blend every night I have have not had a true migraine since!”

“As my brain got better my ability to handle even really difficult life events became easier and easier. I got to a point that I would actually smile at how at peace I was during even really nasty situation. I hate to say this doc, but it was almost like I was “stoned” , like I didn’t have a care in the world. Situations which would, in the past, have caused my  brain to light up like a Christmas tree just weren’t that big a deal anymore. Don’t get me wrong. My mind is clear, extremely focused and I have never been more productive…but my ability to tolerate pain, people, and problems is out of this world. It’s awesome.”

Dr. Tom: “It kind of feels like you are getting away with something when that happens. You know you should be upset…you have always been upset by this situation in the past, but it just seems to slide right off your back and out of your mind. That is probably my favorite upgrade since going through my first MBC. I just get this smile on  my face and a massive sense peace and power in my the middle of a nasty emotional storm.”

How to Videos: AM blend upgrade, Trap Trigger Point Reduction Technique, and The Metabolic Ball

By applying these 3 concepts vigorously for approximately 36 month Cathy claims that she is off all her medications and down 103 pounds. I can confirm that she has had a significant healing since I had seen her last. Shortly, I will send you Cathy C’s specific eating pattern. During MBC she found that she was a Protein processor with Accumulator tendencies. With this knowledge she created a very effective and sustainable eating pattern which fit her specific enzymatic engine. She was kind enough to share this with us. Se you this Saturday for MBC   Q &A. Can’t make it ? Don’t worry I will send you info feed from the seminar.

God Bless,

Dr. Tom