MBC SPEED FEED (for those that won’t read the full story)

For 2 days only

Modify your AM blend by removing the spring water and begin using distilled water. Double the amount of Apple Cider Vinegar you standardly place in your AM formula. Add an additional 1/2 teaspoon of powdered ascorbic acid( we have some at Oasis) to the mix. Drink this quickly in the morning with your breakfast. Do not do this for more than two days. It’s a major pipe cleaner. Dumper’s don’t you dare do this!


How to Load and not Explode prt II

Accumulators: Having your cake… and burning fat too

Loading tips for the Accumulator


If you are like me,  a dopamine driven brain type, we can get caught in an endless loop of data processing never coming to a conclusion (paralysis through analysis). Pick one and go with it …Accumulator or Dumper. As time proceeds forward it will be revealed to you which you actually are… for during the MBC process you will find you two hemispheres will resynchronize and start working in tandem (blended) rather than against each other(dominate vs. recessive).


 Prep for a Successful  Loading ( Accumulators only)

  1. Modify your blade by removing the filtered spring water and replacing with distilled water. Double the amount of ACV you usually use in your blade only for loading days. Do this only for your two days of loading. Never use distilled water for more than a 48 hour period of time in MBC.
  2. Wear your Pants of Eternal truth

During dissection of the abdominal cavity of the average American I find painfully enlarged and swollen stomachs connected to encrusted and putrefied bowels.  The average American colon has 5 to 8 pounds of undigested molecular toxins caked on the lining.  The neural net of these stomachs are torn leaving the person’s stomach “disconnected” from the brain. These reflexive neural nets are crucial for allowing us to know when we are full and satisfied.

I have a precise clinical term for this condition. I call it the “Golden Corral” gut.

You learned earlier that consumption of two of the anti nutrients: high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils makes the human being ferociously over eats. The chronic consumption of these products and the reactive over consumption of food causes our stomachs physically deform into much larger compartments to compensate for the amount of foods we are processing. Some were it use to take only a few ounces of food to “stretch” our stomachs and turn off our appetite centers… now it takes gallons to reach that same sense of fullness.

This is where the AM and PM blends comes into play for our Boot campers. By ingesting the specialized sequence of amino acids and trace minerals on a daily basis we not only reprogram the malfunctioning wiring in your brain we also “shrink wrap” you stomach and intestinal tract by repairing and restoring the original lining. You physically will become sick if you try to eat that amount of food again


Before MBC this is  is how sick I was. I use to dress specifically for the buffet. Oh ya I would remove all tight fitting articles of clothes and put on parachute pants with the draw string left undone for maximum filling capacity. I wore flip flops so even my toes could swell up like Farmer brown sausages. Oh was I sick. I wouldn’t even wear underwear…. When it came to the buffet line it was commando all the way.


It gets worse. I had a game plan on how to stuff my stomach so full of food I could bankrupt a financially fragile restaurant. Every see the guy who fills up a bucket with big rocks, little rocks, sand and water. He first fills up the bucket with just sand and has no room for the rocks. He than places the big rocks in first, the little rocks in next, the sand in next and finally the water.

He was showing the importance’s of priorities. Well I had a similar approach with food. First put in the steaks, chicken, pot roast, then the softer stuff like the mash potatoes, breads, and pastes, then the real softies like pudding, ice cream, and Jell-O finally I would make myself  a massive milkshake and sipped on that until my seems stretched. In one sitting I gained 15 pounds of additional weight and bankrupt a small Chinese buffet all in one night. I would stagger home collapse into bed only to awoken by the inevitable call to the porcelain pool. Oh the horror… the horror.


This process of eating so deformed my stomach and brain network that I had reprogrammed my nervous system to produce a diseased and obese body and it delivered the goods. Gastric by pass surgery can cut the bag back down to size but it does not restore the severed stretch reflex or synaptically prune the overdeveloped neural network set up within your brain to eat in times of stress, boredom, or hormonal fluxes. This is way a majority of people who under go such a dangerous surgery end up with the same eating patterns as before and will eventually stretch the bag back to massive proportions again. This time it ruptures and they die of massive blood poisoning called sepsis.


Ladies if you had a c-section, gallbladder removed or a baby your gastric stretch receptors can be torn apart without any of this abusive eating patterns. If this has occurred you will also become chronically constipated and forced into the life of an Accumulator. I thank God for woman but I thank God I am not one! I’m not tough enough. So what do we do to combat this neurological damage…. These torn stretch receptors.

Bring out the PANTS of ETERNAL TRUTH

To temporarily restore the gastric biofeedback lost by the severing of the stomach nerves  try this weird little trick during your loading phase. In the early morning beneath your daily clothing put on atheletic compression shorts( no you do not have to use a cup) The compression of your lower abdominal wall

will do two positive things: first it will potentially provoke a bowel movement by stimulate gastric emptying points and 2: as you load it will give you the “feel” of swelling of the stomach lining that has been lost since the  gastric emptying nerves had been damaged. Only wear these Pants of Eternal truth during your loading days please.


  1. Avoid the Salt Palace

Accumulators never load with popcorn, heavy salted foods and  soups.

Always Never
§  Fresh salads (except Iceberg lettuce) §  Salt-laden soups and sauces
§  Almond butter & almond milk §  Cows’ milk, peanut butter
§  Salmon, sardines §  Tilapia, high mercury tuna
§  Avoid as many chemicals as possible §  Soy ANYTHING, Fluoride
§  Almonds & other tree nuts, pumpkin & sunflower seeds §  Sugar alcohols, MSG, bleach (dough processor), carrageenan, sorbitol

Keep up the great work.