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For those that won’t read blogs here’s the cliff note version


  1. Weigh during your RELOAD and FREE days: What can be Measured can be Moved. Your most important weight is your early Monday morning numbers. Keep this within 2 pounds of your most recent LOL(lowest of low) to be able to move forward in MyMBC program. Compare your LOL with your EARLY MORNING WEIGHT only.
  2. Stay within your Window of Weight loss: Whether you eating clean or dirty eat within your MBC Window of Weight loss which for a level 3 is between 12 noon and 6 pm.
  3. MBC Clean up Cocktail: After a heavy messy meal consume 6 oz of warm water with one teaspoon of L-Glutamine and 1 tablespoon of ACV as soon as possible.

Dr. Tom’s Secrets #1

How to RE- Load and not Explode…We are all going to overeat over our RELOAD days…add in our interaction with filthy foods, eroding environments and toxic people and we have the PERFECT STORM for major coronary events and massive weight gains! So here’s how to LOAD and NOT EXPLODE.

Speed Feed Secrets to Loading

When loading in your RELOAD phase of MBC ( Day 4, 5, 6 &7)

1.Drink a cup of Dandelion root tea infused with AM blend & your modified AM accelerator.

2.Position your Messy Meal at lunch on your first day of your RELOAD phase.

3.Start with your higher glycemic foods first. If you are looking for a sugary snack have that as you first meal of your RELOAD day. Do not wait to eat your high GI foods for dinner. As your loading weekend continues your body gets better at creating fat storage. Eat your garbage foods for your first  meal and then start to clean it up as the day continues. Focus on high protein and fatty meals for your dinner and carbohydrates for lunch.

4.Never load without your formulas. Your formulas really shine when you are eating toxic foods. Remember our motto at MBC:  “It’s not about Perfection…it’s about Protection”.

5.After a huge meal consider taking a shot of apple cider vinegar to assist  in the digestion process.

6. Never drink your calories. When loading keep it solid!….accept when it comes to Homestead creamy ice cream of course.

7. Always Stay within your MBC Windows of Weight loss which for a level three Boot Camper is 12 noon to 6 pm. This is the most critical metabolic habit I have found when it comes to obtaining and maintaining a clean lean body for a life time.

MBC is a 56 days blood building, body cleansing, brain stabilizing experience. 3 of those days are focused on REDUCING (Body fat, viral load, blood sugars, body acid etc.). 4 of those days are used to RELOAD (fuel cells, enzymatic engines, damage tissues etc.). Some master this technique and progress quickly to their day of atonement (final day of MBC) receiving massive metabolic healings.

I just collapsed thinking about it! However, the most dangerous cycle of MBC isn’t found in barren wastelands of “its 8:30 and I’m starving” or at the bottom of yet another MBC FAT& FIBER FRY. No, the greatest challenge is when you enter into the City of Celebration for your three day reprieve from the fat burning, tumor traumatizing barren dessert you have been walking through for the past 72 hours.

The Most common Metabolic mistakes…

“Everything I lost for the past five days I GAIN IT ALL BACK OVER THE WEEKEND!” “I keep losing and gaining the same 4 pounds over and over again!” “I feel great during the week, but when I “load” over the weekend I feel terrible, my joints ache, I’m bloated, and I gain a bunch of weight!”

When entering into the City of Celebration

  1. Don’t Let Down your Guard: Trigger Trauma

Rules # 1 if you find a toxic trigger in the top five listed ingredients do not eat it!

We have identified over a 1000 triggers strategically place in your path to blow up your belly, brain, and blood with artery clogging, fat feeding, cancer coddling crap!” So when you are on R& R watch out for the Top Three Metabolic Murders and their favorite hiding places:

Chlorinated Bleach: most commonly found lurking in bread, pizza dough, and cookies. If it doesn’t say unbleached flour you must assume it is bleached! Code word for bleach is “dough processing”.   Most intriguing hiding place other than tap water is coffee filters! Yes, that cup of coffee may just be full of superheated bleach which targets pancreatic cells!

Fructose & High Fructose Corn Syrup:  Hey Long finger listen up this stuff will cause your arteries to clog quickly so be ready for it. Most commonly found in breads, cookies, cereals and crackers. Favorite hiding place is in orange juices and other “healthy” fruit juices and smoothies…What a joke! MBCers never drink your calories. Liquid calories are three times more likely to engage lipogenesis (fat production).

Hydrogenated or Partially hydrogenated Soy Bean oil: Listen up short fingers. This one is cancer missile to your midline. When you eat this type of man -made fat the body requires up to 51 days to metabolize just half of them. 51 days later these soybean based  fats our preventing the uptake of the essential fats our body desires….. Forcing us to consume large amounts of unnecessary calories to reach the desire levels of these life giving fats.  Soybean oil is commonly found in margarines, breads and crackers. A favorite hidden place for these nasty fats are salad dressings.

MBCers never, never, never, consume carbohydrates which have undergone the bleaching process. Even small amounts of these tainted tarts can violently spike your blood sugars causing a massive cascade of fat formation around your organs, belly, and butt.

Stay in the MBC loop… SEND ME YOUR BIOTRACKERS!!!! more Loading secrets coming soon.

Dr. T