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    What our custmers are saying:
    My wife and I have been taking Dr. Tom’s blends for over 12 years. We are now strong, healthy, & drug-free.


10 Single Serving Packs

Indulge yourself with the newest flavor of Dr. Tom’s AM Blend – Refresh.  Minty with a hint of lime makes this flavor a delicious, refreshing and energizing treat.

Originally formulated as a blood builder for those knee-deep in the toxicity of chemotherapy, radiation, or recovery from surgery, the AM formula has morphed into a powerful energy-generating blood cleanser that can be used safely every day.  Drink in life and expel toxins in the same sip!  No drugs, no adrenal crashing caffeine or stimulants–just results!  Try the delicious AM blend – Refresh today and discover what we at MBC already know… “it’s like lightning in a bottle!

  • Provides clean energy
  • Reduces caffeine footprint within your adrenal glands
  • Erases appetite
  • May balance hormones
  • Helps process body fat FAST with all diet types

What is AM Blend?
A powerful combination of amino acids that have been non-chemically extracted from organic oats. Over 30 years of research has been poured into the production of this potent blend. Created originally to repair chromosomal fragmentation & fraying within cancer patients we now know that AM Blend accomplishes so much more (even in our healthiest patients).

What do these amino acids do?

Tyrosine: enhances alertness & focus, this has been shown to support and enhance thyroid function + metabolism.

this might cause an energy spike within your body by breaking down fatty acids into mitochondria (causing energy production). It breaks down complex fat cells therefore reducing your body fat. In turn you burn more calories when you do exercise. On top of this, Carnitine helps protect your brain from early aging & stress-related damage. 

What does it do?
Provide an abundance of energy without the help of stimulants or caffeine! It even turns your body’s fat storage into FUEL for energy, an excellent supplementation along with regular safe exercise. You will notice your immune system can fight off even the nastiest virus or even cancer (along with regular treatment). On top of that, this promotes balanced hormones. You will notice less joint pain, clear skin & preserved muscle tone with continual use.

Give it a shot & tell us what you think!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA nor is its use condoned by the AMA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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