Platinum MBC Kit

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Your transformation toolkit.

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    What our custmers are saying:
    All throughout my season of battling cancer, I took the blends even though my doctors kept pressing me to stop taking them. I didn’t experience any of the symptoms associated with cancer & I am excited to say that my cancer is in remission.


Our Platinum Boot Camp Survival Kit includes everything you will need for your journey through a 56 day cycle of Metabolic Boot Camp.

Platinum Boot Camp Kit Contents:

2 Full-Size AM Blends
1 SMALL l-Glutamine
1 Full-Size PM Blend
2 Full-Size Pro-Collagens
1 package of PH Strips
Step by Step MBC Manual


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
AM Flavor 1

Blue Razz, Summer Splash, Citrus Punch

AM Flavor 2

Blue Razz, Summer Splash, Citrus Punch

Collagen 1

ProCollagen, Coffee Collagen Combo

Collagen 2

ProCollagen, Coffee Collagen Combo

18 reviews for Platinum MBC Kit

  1. Randy Huber

    The Boot Camp survival kit was the first step on a path to better Health for me. The contents of this kit along with the boot Camp protocols has helped me become a
    more energetic and healthier me.

  2. Lisa Grant

    The book helped give me guidance through the process. I never realized all the factors that were making me unhealthy.

  3. Monica Snow

    I have learned so much going through Dr. Tom’s MBC. The workbook is essential in helping me understand triggers in foods that have caused me to gain weight instead of lose! Who knew lettuce could make certain ones of us gain weight!!!?? I’m still learning and through the help of Dr. Tom and the tools he has provided I am looking forward to getting myself and my family healthy!!

  4. Kim Draper

    Great combination to meet all your daily needs!

  5. Tracy Stewart

    The Boot Camp Survival Kit has been helped me learn learn so much about my body. The workbook takes you step by step on how to perform the diagnostics to determine your enzymatic type and how to detect cracks in your DNA. The blends are awesome and work to balance your body.

  6. Judy Howell

    Great package of important supplements.

  7. Martha M

    This will absolutely turn your life around to a better quality of life and we have the lab results to prove it!

  8. Temperi

    This kit comes with everything you need to transform yourself into a fit, fat burning machine!It also has detailed step by step instructions to help guide you along your way to all your health and fitness goals.

  9. Judy Robertson

    Truly a survival kit…medical professionals should be doing more to educate themselves in my opinion on great natural alternatives instead of popping a pill. No more tendonitis or joint paint …love love love Bootcamp!!

  10. Katie

    For once your health care dollars will be well spent!!

  11. Rhonda Doyle

    Truly a survival kit – everything you need when you start Boot Camp, and beyond.

  12. Rhonda Love

    After 16 years of insomnia, body pain & stimulant addictions I’ve FINALLY been able to sleep! Thank you Dr. Tom! MBC has been a turning point for me – in just 2 weeks, I’m feeling human again.

  13. smejia

    This is one of the best things I have ever purchased. Well worth the money–you cant put a price on good health!

  14. Laurie

    Great package that gives you everything you need to start a healthy change.

  15. Sara

    Best investment you will ever make – for me it was pain free living and a clear head! The kit offers every thing you need to start your journey. Ph monitoring is key to watch the acidity levels change in your body with the power of the Blends –

  16. Susan

    I am amazed at how much i have learned about myself, how intune i am now with my body. I love the entire system. My husband and I started a boot camp last year and saw immediate results. We are actually going to start another program soon. We have learned so much just by checking our blood sugar before and after eating. I am so much more intone with how my body responds to foods. What helps me and what makes me feel disgusting. I love metabolic boot camp and share it with everyone.

  17. Mike Chittum

    I started this program by ordering this, and have never regretted it! Lost 30 pounds in 2 months, and dropped my numbers tremendously with no help from “pills”! Life changing!

  18. LInda Orange

    I’ve ordered the kit online and it was easy to read and get started even when boot camp is not in session.

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