I thought it was for the balancing the brain…then the reports started to roll in… my low abs are getting tight & toned…my sciatica is gone!.. my foot pain is gone… my knee pain is GONE! Shows you what I know. By consuming the GEN 10 Brain and Pain formula at night and then getting up in the morning and performing 2 minutes of The Metabolic Ball activity in front of their Happy Lights dozens and dozens of people are discovering that after about 14 to 21 days of application their chronic lower extremity pain(knee pain, plantar pain, sciatica) has all but VANISHED! The amazing secondary side effect is that butts and guts are shrinking as well .http://www.amazon.com/Verilux-36915-CFS26GU24VLX-Fluorescent-Daylight/dp/B002KS609K/ref=sr_1_4?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1441412858&sr=1-4&keywords=happy+

Before drugs, cortisone shots and surgery try this strange, inexpensive, home therapy for your lower extremity pain. Apply it religiously( no that does not mean once a week LOL) do it daily for a month and assess your results. Give us your feedback in the comment section of this blog. Enjoy the results. You will not be disappointed. Like our MBC page on FaceBook and be one of first in line to take our new online metabolic and mental self assessment…The Metabolic Mirror for FREE…got to like our page first!

Dr. Tom


Here’s the How to Videos on Dr. Tom’s Brain & Pain formula and The Metabolic Ball. Enjoy.


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