PRE-DIABETES…not a place you want to stay…time to escape!

Trapped in an Insulin Institution? Here’s how to Escape

MBC SPEED FEED( for those that don’t have the time for the whole story):

  1. Double your Siagon Cinnamon consumption during your REDUCE days
  2. Double your Korean Red Ginseng tea consumption during your REDUCE days
  3. only Level 8 –  Level 10 REDUCE days will re-generate your insulin receptor sites
  4. MBC FAST FAST a must for escaping your blood sugar bondage
  5. Avoid SupraSensoria foods ( HFCS, Aspartame, MSG, ACCENT, bleached flour, bleached sugar, bleached birds)


I quit this program. Just like every other effort to lose weight and get healthy others around me dropped weight with very little effort and felt great. As for myself maximum effort minimum results which I forfeit the second I cheat. My husband is down 35 lbs and he is not even on the program. He eats like a pig, but he drinks Dr. Toms “pink drink” and feels like Superman! So I quit, just like I quit every other program. Something just kept repeating in my mind that you said in the seminar: “some of you are trapped in an INSULIN INSTITUION. You can literally starve yourself and end up gaining weight. No matter what you do until you escape this invisible prison you will never lose weight and obtain a transformational healing.

That’s it! I was trapped in this invisible prison. I began the specific protocols you provide in MBC to escape. My blood sugars began to creep down from 147, to 123, to 114, and 98. You said my goal was to reach the optimal range for blood balancing of 77mg-82mg. I haven’t got there yet but I am feeling better and better. My pain levels have dropped significantly. I have dropped a few pounds but my energy levels are coming back on line.

I went to the doctor and he suggested that the cataracts in my eyes were dissolving. Dr. Tom, you were right I didn’t have to wait to drop 100 pounds to receive my healing, but that hundred pounds is going…after I escape the Insulin Institution. Thank you for showing me the keys to unlock this terrible invisible prison…I believe millions of women are trapped within


Escaping the Insulin Institution

Stop counting calories and start counting hormones. Tracking your “MBC Triggers” using your oximeter is critical for finding the keys to escape your invisible prison. Here how to interpret:

In MBC we have you track early morning and bedtime body weight. We also have you track 15 minute post pyramidal (after meal) heart rate to identify your enzymatic weaknesses and strengths. So what do all this numbers mean? We are looking for patterns, spikes, valleys, and swings that indicate if one of your cellular kingdoms (blood, brain, body) has been assaulted.

A wise physician taught me that every patient’s blood pressure had a hidden messages buried within its empirical numbers. Look at this blood pressure 148/78 BPM 88. To you and I this looks like numbers suggesting hypertension, but we would be more wrong. Now look at this number as he showed me how to see human blood pressure: BRAIN/BODY, BPM BLOOD.

He taught me that the top number indicated the brain’s response to perceived internal and external response. The reason behind what clinicians call “white coat” syndrome. The upper number if elevating suggests over activity in the amygdaloid (fear/fight) complex of the left hemisphere. Instead of placing this person on a beta blocker if you address the left hemi syndrome with (Helmet protocol/Bubble wrap protocols) you would correct the problem. In this case it wasn’t blood pressure it was “brain” pressure that was manifesting in pathological blood pressure.

The bottom number is indicative of the actual tissue texture of the arterial system and cardiac pump. Reach up and feel you ear. It should be soft and pliable not stiff and rigid. This is true of your arteries as well. If you have a moment go to your bathroom and take dental floss to your gums. Do they bleed? Are they weak, swollen and inflamed? They shouldn’t be. The tissues of your gums are embryonically associated with the tissues of your heart.  If your gums are inflamed and fragile so is your cardiac tissue. As the lower number (diastolic) increases so does the stiffness, inflammation levels, and blockages of the arterial system.

Again, this is a metabolic stigmata that secondarily assess the deeper tissues embedded in your chest cavity. The lower number of your blood pressure indicates the texture and tissue quality of your heart and arteries the upper number the neurological health of the brain and PNS controlling the heart and arterial systems. Your resting heart rate of beats per minute indicates the state of your blood. In MBC we are working on maximizing your hemoglobin levels and enhance your platelet performance. As your hemoglobin levels improve your resting heart rate will reduce our goal is an untrained BPM of 60 beats per minute. Resting heart rates above this indicate the patient’s blood is out of balance and is having difficultly “carrying” life giving oxygen to the tissues.

All these numbers are affected adversely by elevating blood sugar levels. Blood sugar levels above 80 negatively affect our brains capacity to “bubble wrap” our brains from the external world stressors. Physically, triple digit blood sugar levels “thicken” the blood much like flour thickens cake batter. This increases the force our hearts need to push this thickened blood sludge through our pipes.

Elevating blood sugars also “flip the lipid” polarity causing the lipids to magnetize to the sides of the artery this with increase the lower number substantially. Finally elevating blood sugar levels increase the inflammation states of the joints and arteries in your body which provokes the “pain response” elevating our blood sugar even more so. Nasty cycle.


Pain, Poison, People

So you thought it was only food that was elevating your blood sugars. I wish it was that easy. The young lady that wrote me early in this discussion first had to learn it was not her food choices that were keeping her trapped in her Insulin Institution. She has significant pain in her life. She had a person in crisis in her life and she was unknowingly poisoning herself. All of these external variables where locking her into her invisible prison.


Pain elevates blood sugar levels by the over-activation of the thalamic system (pain centers). You must learn to control your pain without the use of pharmaceuticals. Drugs may reduce your conscious experiences of pain but does not stop the body’s response to pain. Just because you do not feel the pain does not mean your brain centers are not being bombarded by pain signals. This causes the regions of the brain dedicated to pain to become over activated, even when there is no pain, causing a cascade of stress hormones to be never-endingly dump into your cellular pool. If you are wondering what this does to your blood sugar DON’T…it sends it through the roof and with elevated blood sugar your force your body to release insulin which that’ right makes you fatter and fatter. So what do you do?

First, stop taking drugs for pain. Next use the natural pain killing process we recommend in MBC. Finally, hyper saturate the stems cells of the tissues that are expressing the pain. Find an excellent Wellness physician that can help you handle physical pain without drug use.

Pain formula: 3oz tart cherry juice/3 oz. cranberry juice 500mg GABA 500mg Magnesium citrate 2 TBSP glutamine ingest with breakfast. At night time take 1 scoop PM blend and 500mg GABA 30 minutes prior to bedtime. If you can safely get in and out of your bath tub soak in a detox bath (Epson/ACV) at 115 degree for 20 minutes. Continue to monitor your blood sugars in the morning and at night to assess the effectiveness of your program. Remember, for optimal healing rates and fat conversion to energy you must strive to stabilize your blood sugars between 77-82 mg/dl.


Common drugs linked to the “poison response” are antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs, antibiotics, acetaminophen, statins, anti-inflammatories, and anti-histamines. If you suspect one of your drugs is spiking your blood sugar perform a toxicological examination on the suspected culprit: take a baseline blood sugar reading.

Do not take in any of your blends until your examination is over for they can super assist your body in handling toxins and blunting the blood sugar response potentially giving you a false negative finding. Next take the drug on an empty stomach. Do not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes. Retake your blood sugar. You are looking for a sugar swing of greater than 30 points which indicates your body was traumatized at a cellular level and responded by activating the “threat system “of your CNS.

Common chemicals found in foods linked to the “poison response”: review your list of anti-nutrients on pp 7, Purging toxins at Home pp11 in your Dr. Tom’s Metabolic Boot Camp Generation II Personal Work Book


Purging people from your life is much more difficult. In many cases we have very little if no control over the pathologies of others. Start with it is what it is. Focus on “bubble wrapping” your brain to blunt the negative manifestations in the body and blood of a traumatized limbic (emotional) system. You will discover massive spikes in blood sugars will be caused by negative interactions with others. If you do not learn to blunt the “poison response” and bubble wrap your brain your co-worker can cause cancer and your spouse will make you fat.

Start with the “bubble wrapping” upgrade of your Metabolic blade. In the morning add to your Metabolic blade 500 mg of GABA. With your breakfast take 10,000 IU Vitamin D3. In 3oz of a lower sugar cranberry juice place 2 TBSP of l glutamine and 500 mg of GABA consume quickly.

At night place 1 TBSP l glutamine, 500mg of GABA in with 1 scoop of PM blend suspended in low sugar cranberry juice. Add 3 mg of melatonin to mixture and assess metabolic sleep state. You can add one additional 3 mg of melatonin (up to 18 additional mg) until desired result is reach.

If you are finding that your left hemisphere is “rehashing” the reside fallout of a recent toxic communication in your head practice and master the P.O.P. the thought process we train on in the advance class Dementia proofing you brain.

Here is how I escaped my Insulin Institution

My early morning blood sugars were running in the high 120s. After I consumed my PM Detox with bubble wrap upgrades I had a late night snack of five 3inch celery stalks stuffed full of almond butter( do not use peanut butter it is pro-inflammatory).

In the morning I would perform a Sugar Squat as I brushed my teeth with my Metabolic toothpaste. I have a sonic toothbrush that is pre-set from a two minute cleaning. This is how I measure the duration of the Sugar Squat. See YouTube for Escaping Insulin Institution. I then measure my blood sugar levels….78! I am ready for some serious mental gymnastics, light speed healing factors, and frying body fat at this level.

I consume my MBC Collagen Coffee, but I double the amount of Siagon Cinnamon I use to two TBSPs. Instead of one cup of Korean Red Ginseng tea I put two cups into my BIG PINK DRINK. At 10am, 2pm, and 4 pm I find an area in private were I can perform 2 minute sessions of my sugar squat. I consume my LEVEL 8 lunch and eliminate all my protein islands for the day. My dinner is the MBC FAT&FIBER-FRY. I eat my dinner as early as I can(optimally before 5:00 pm).  This allows me to experience an MBC FAST FAST which when combined with my PM blend Kombucha concoction  allows me to regrow my insulin receptor sites on my brain and my muscle mass. My average blood sugar was 82! Great day for creativity and my waistline is down an inch! I repeat this cycle for my 3 days in REDUCE phase. On my FREE day I enjoy my foods but I still perform my early morning sugar squat as I brush my teeth.

Here is the exercise that dropped  blood sugar levels the BEST…Dr. Tom’s THE SUGAR SQUAT


9% body fat and FOUR PACK ABS(working on the six pack not there yet!)! NOT BAD for a  50 plus Baby Boomer!