Fluff, Filth, and Hardcore Hormonal Body Fat

“I keep gaining and losing the same 5 pounds over and over again!”

“The first five was easy, then I hit a wall!”

It is always the same thing! We start a diet and we lose 6 to 8 pounds in the first 14 days…than BAM! We run smack dap into an the invisible and seemly invincible metabolic wall of weight loss. No matter what we do we can not seem to  lose any more weight. We can double our efforts with exercise. We severe restrict our caloric intact.

We can even starve ourselves and in many cases end up gaining more weight or worse we get stuck in gaining and losing the same 5 to 8 pounds yoy talked about getting stuck in metabolic hades. Then we inevitably give up and take our place on our sagging family tree  of obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Stuck in the never ending buffet line of drugs, more drugs, surgery and nursing homes. What’s the deal? Let me show you the way around that nasty wall to a sustainably lean disease resistant energy bursting blood brain  body complex.

Metabolic Myths regarding weight, weight loss& obesity

Myth #1 More Exercise is the Key to Optimal Health and more Weight loss WRONG DEAD WRONG

Do the Math Calories in versus calories out ….exercise and diet to address diabetes, obesity, and excessive weight gain JUST DOES NOT ADD UP.

An oreo cookie is the equivalent of 73 minutes of hardcore cardio. I can eat a package of them at one sitting ( one of my many metabolic powers! Pathetics!) Let’s do the math on that one There are How many oreo cookies in the standard package? 3 rows of 10. That equals 30.

Oh yeh I could do thirty…no problem man. So for me to exercise off this excess I would have to perform  36.5 hours of cardio within a 24 hour period of time9there a big problem right their NOT ENOUGH time IN THE DAY)…and that is if I didn’t eat anything else for the  entire day…and after a pack of oreo I am going to drink at least a half gallon of utter pus. Once I came to from my sugar sedation and experienced a massive crash in my blood sugars…I am going to be ravenous again!

Exercise is Killing  you…

“The leading cause of rebounding obesity will be found to be the excessive consumption of… diet and exercise. Mark my words.” Dr. Thomas McLeod Baader

The absolute worse thing someone can do to loss weight is moving from a sedentary lifestyle to that of aggressive exercise. They will loss weight, for a short period of time, then a knee will blow out or they will get distracted by life issues and they will discontinue their new found exercise regiment and end up putting all the weight they lost back on and even more so due to the fact that they exercise regiment re-set their preceded metabolic needs. They are no fatter and more unhealthy then before they started exercising. If you do not believe me go into the bathroom and look in the mirror.

If you saw me go up to your family car, open the gas cap and urinate into the tank what would you do? You might shoot at me. You might call 911. After I was dealt with to your satisfaction you would have a few options. You could have your vehicle towed. The gas tank would then be drained, and if the mechanic really knew what he or she was doing they would flush the system with a cleansing fluid. Sounds pretty logical, right?

Or you could just jump into your car, drive like Hades down the interstate, and “burn” all the pee out of your system. In fact, what actually would happen is that you would rapidly oxidize my urine causing a toxic residue to fuse into your fuel injectors, cylinders and internal workings of your engine damaging its potential beyond repair.  Imagine what vaporized urea would smell like coming out of your car’s tail pipe…. Yummy. No one would be insane enough to do that, right? Wrong. You do it all the time with something much more valuable that your car.

How many of you have had this thought “ I know this dessert is bad for me… but if I eat it now I will spend an extra hour on the Elliptical trainer in the morning. Solider, you just pee into your tank and hit the accelerator. Here is another suggestion for you. Instead of working off your guilt which does much more damage than good, just enjoy your dessert. . Enjoy your decadence, Turn on the TV and chill. Detoxify your blood-brain-body complex with your Detox Metabolic Blade and relax. When you consume products with high levels of refined white sugar, refined white flour, and High fructose Corn Syrup and then exercise you cause much greater levels of oxidative damage to your arterial systems. Burning bad fuel causes deep and profound damage to your system. Stop this habit immediately.

If you do not believe me just ask Jim Fix, the developer and promoter of long distance running in America. Oh that’s right; he died of a massive heart attack while running. Thousands of “health buffs” every year drop dead as they are running wearing the cute little Dolphin shorts of massive coronaries because they didn’t know exercise accelerates oxidative damage caused by the toxic triggers found within our foods.

As their blood acidity increase they begin to “flip lipids” causing a electromagnetic attraction to occur between the lipid and the walls of their arteries. Definitely not a good idea and the main reason those that use exercise to control their weight have higher rates of cardiac incidence then those who follow MBC protocols and like me avoid exercise as much as possible. It turns out I’m allergic to exercise Yah I get all sweaty and break out in a red rash every time!

Stop exercising with filthy fuel in your injectors and valves! Didn’t think you would here that from me did you? Do not worry, my little exercise junkies, in the Boot Camp chapter I will share with you Dr. Tom’s Enzymatic Exercises that with in four minutes will force your body to shuttle food into your muscle to be burned and away from your storage saddles I mean fat cells. This procedure will burn as much as 700% more body fat than standard exercise and is the reason There are No fat cerebral palsy patients

Myth #2 It’s Just Baby fat. It will come off when they get older.

Body fat over the 20% in the male child(10-13 y/o) and over 30% in the female child(10-13 y/o) will “act” like ovaries producing toxic levels of estrogenics effecting the development of that young person.

If a child is overweight before they cycle through puberity they are three times more likely to become a morbidly obese adult than if they are of normal weight. Scientists once thought we could only grow new fat cells during certain stages of life, such as the first year and puberty. Now it seems we can create them as adults, too. If you’ve gained a lot of weight as an adult, you may have added to your store of fat cells. That makes it harder to lose weight because, once they’ve taken up residence in your body, fat cells never go away.

When a fat cell grows to about three times its normal size, it can divide and make new fat cells. How much fat a cell can handle before it divides varies from person to person. You can shrink the size of your fat cells but you can’t shrink the number.

If you have more than your fair share of fat cells it’s going to be more of an uphill battle for you to lose weight than for someone with fewer fat cells. That’s just how things work. But nothing’s impossible.

Researchers studying the effects of diet and exercise on fat cell size at Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, recently discovered that exercise, perhaps more than diet, can help reduce the size of fat cells that accumulate around the waist.

Forty five obese women were divided into three study groups. One group followed a calorie-restricted diet with no exercise; the second group followed a calorie restricted diet and walked at a moderate pace three times a week for exercise. The third group followed the diet and walked at a more intense pace three times a week.

Fat Cells Shrink, But Don’t Die

They all lost weight, reduced their overall percentage of body fat, and reduced the size of fat cells in their hips. However, those who used diet alone did not shrink the fat cells around their waist while both exercise groups shrunk their waistline fat cells by 18 percent.

Losing waistline fat is particularly important to anyone who carries their weight around their waist rather than below. If you look in the mirror and you see yourself more as an apple shape than a pear shape, then you carry your weight around your waist. That puts you at higher risk of developing early heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and other chronic conditions.

Myth # 3 The Main cause of Weight gain is Comfort Foods

It is not Food that is making you fat….its your husband.

Food isn’t even in the top 5 causes of excessive weight gain in my book.  Pain, Poison, People, Sleep disturbance, and embryological/infant events are my top five reasons a person will become overweight or obese.

Scary Stuff about Excess  Body Fat

They start acting like cancer sacs

I was born to be a dissector. I was in love with finding out what made body’s tick. I was now standing over my first of many human dissection projects. One with a similar anatomist obsession would have assumed that I had died and gone to heaven standing over my very own body. You would have been right … for the first oh 30 seconds. The problem was the body…It was not cooperating. You see with frogs and pigs you enter the scalpel into the thorax and within seconds you are looking at an array of colorful organs, the wonderfully blue veins of the heart, the exquisite pearl drop tinted descending colon. It is all so gorgeous.

But it was not this way with my cadaver. This man was massive. He was once a merchant marine. This would have been interesting if it was not for the fact he was immersed in progressively hardening lard.  Lard, body fat… Adipose tissue. I don’t care what you call it. It was preventing me from reaching my visceral nirvana. This guy was dripping in it. Here’s the problem with body fat it does just lay there like globular saddle bags that can be removed with a stroke of the blade. Oh no. It sticks to everything like dried wall paper paste.  It actually infiltrates and penetrates healthy tissue like a wicked root system. It took me hours to painstakingly remove pounds of it from the superficial layer of the epidermis without damaging the vessels and nerves beneath.

It would take me weeks of work to tediously remove this parasitic cellular toxin before I could even identify the structures beneath. As my fellow lab partners in annoying unison asked: “What is taking you so long… are we there yet?”

As I continued this process of fat removal I found myself bent over this monstrosity for hours alone. On what started out as just another day in the dissection lab I had my “moment of clarity”…. Nothing would ever be the same for me or you again. I prepared the body for dissection as I always had. I unwrapped him from the plastic body bag used to keep the flies from embedded their demonic seeds into his flesh. I brought him up from his stainless steel sarcophagus. I began to careful remove layer upon layer of fat tissue and discard it on the table behind me. Then things began to get strange. At first it was just a noise. Just a small gurgle coming from the specimen table behind me. I turned to look. Nothing but the discarded globular mass of decaying visceral body fat I had been painstakingly removing for the past several hours. I went back to work. Again the noise. To my surprise the globular mass of fat had repositioned itself on the table. Impossible. Fat is nothing more than a method of storing excess energy to be used at a later date. It does not have the ability to move. Let alone think. Maybe the heat was getting to me. Prolonged exposure to formaldehyde? Stress from school? I continued to work. I heard the noise again. What I saw caused my knees to buckle. Directly in front of me the globular mass of fat had arranged itself into three words I will never forget…….


I awoke in a cold sweat to find myself at home in bed. My nightmare had just begun…and your is just about to start


Excessive centralized body fat (above 20% midline body fat) is acting like “cancer sacs” nourishing and providing safe haven for the hidden cancer embedded within every American. Where these sacs are accumulating is the organ soon to be targeted with an advancing carcinoma. When going through a live Metabolic Boot Camp seminar all of our clients receive a 18 point metabolic screening. In the data compiled for them is a reading on exactly where their body fat is found. Most people know they have fat on their bodies, what they did not know was how much fat was accumulating around their heart tissue, livers, pancreas, ovaries, prostate, etc. It is important to discover where your body fat is accumulating for that is the organ that is being targeted for a carcinogenic attack.

Pull out your last Tanita screening and let us take a deeper look at your readings. Flip to the Appendix of your  GENII MBC Personal Work Book.

MBCers  we are at war with an enemy that has been embedded within us. This enemy feeds off our hearts, livers, and brains. It will stop at nothing to dominant and INEVITABLY destroy us. It has a plan of action. It has its own blood supply. It has gained the ability to reproduce itself. It has friends on the outside. It feeds supports and cheers on one of our greatest enemies…cancers. We are at war. The enemy lies within us all. If you are ready to fight I am ready to equip you with the training and weapons you will need for the fight of your life.

Additional ovaries anyone?

One pound of fat = three days of fasting

Waistlines will one day predict Dementia

You Have to gain weight(FFM) to Lose weight

The Greastest Barrier to weight loss is…Weight loss

InfusionFast Fat Frying Factors

Get these adjusted to the right frequency and watch the fat fry off your body!

Low Insulin activity

High Enzyme activity

Low Body Acids

Positive nitrogen balance

Blood Fat Back flow valves operating

Optimized glucose levels ( 70 mg-82 mg/dl)

Optimized tissue pH ( 6.8-7.2)

Optimized Core temp (98 plus)

Optimized Heart Rate (60-65)  fat burning

Bubble Wrapped Brain Chemistry

We will address these issues as you proceed through a InfusionFast.