What exactly is Dr. Tom’s Metabolic Boot Camp? Wow…that’s a toughy…got 17 hours?

For one young man MBC allowed him to become cancer free without chemo, surgery, or radiation treatments. So MBC is the cure for cancer? No.

For one young lady she used MBC to lose 103 lbs, without exercise, and reverse her diabetes. So MBC is a weight loss program? No.

For a broken down baby boomer with two torn rotator cuffs, he used MBC to restore his muscle mainframe and bench press over 300 pounds(after the age of 50 you go old man!) without steriods or surgery. So MBC is some type of exercise program? No.

So what connects these three seemingly very different life challenges…easy…  all three of their healings had to begin with them first looking into their own  METABOLIC MIRROR. They discovered their metabolic and mental weakness and turn them into strengths. They discover genetic strength and cultivated them into something really special. You will be receiving a test very shortly via email. Please take it before you come to the second MBC workshop.Obese3

So what exactly is Dr. Tom’s Metabolic Boot Camp and what is this so-called Metabolic Mirror?…Watch this short animation.

Shortly, MBC will be providing you an on line experience called the Metabolic Mirror . This self evaluation  provides scary accurate details on your current metabolic and mental state and will help you identify the “triggers” of disease in your specific family gene pool. Look for it in your email. See you real soon. Dr. Tom

These concepts have yet to be evaluated by the FDA and should never be used has a replacement for the advice of a competent and caring health care provider.


See You all very soon,


Dr. T