How much AM Blend should I have daily?

Depending on how you are using the AM blend that answer can vary. As a natural blood cleanser with an expectational non-stimulant energy effect try one scoop of our AM blend in 20 oz of monochlorinated filtered water. If you are deep into a fast or are looking to fry some fat of the hind quarters try two scoops of AM blend with one tsp of lemon juice in 32 oz of filtered water.


Can these blends be mixed with other substances or drinks?

All of our ortho-molecular formulas can use organic carriers without stifling the health effects of either product. Our PM Blend can be used with turmeric tea if you are dealing with chronic pain. Our AM blend can be used with green tea if you are interested in improving your lean body mass. There are many different combos for many different effects. Join our growing community of InfusionFasters to learn more about these synergistic combinations.


Is this product line safe for me to take with my prescribed medications?

Our ortho-molecular formulas can be used with most OTC medications. However, many times with the consistent use of our formulas our clients will reach optimal zones regarding their blood pressures, lipid levels, and heart rates. If they are also taking medication to accomplish the same effect this could lead to blood pressure or cholesterol that is too low, a great problem to have. Many of our clients are now living a drug free lifestyle because of the effect our formulas have had on their systems. Always check with your doctor when discontinuing a drug.


Should I take my daily vitamins alongside regularly consuming the blend?

Most of our clients find that through simple food modifications and the daily use of our formulas that their daily vitamins have become redundant.


Is the AM & PM Blend safe for my kids?

Dr. Tom’s kids have been on these blends all of their lives including their intra-womb phase, so yes! The blends are created to assist humans at any levels in tissue repair and recovery. There are no medications or stimulants in our formulas.


How does this product line facilitate weight loss?

Our brains do not count calories, they count nutrients. By supplying a majority of the nutrients the human body needs in these hyperdense low caloric powders the brain appetite centers will shut off and cravings will be all but eliminated when you are taking these blends on a regular basis. No craving + no appetite= weight loss.


Is this product line considered organic and naturally-derived?

A majority of our amino acids are extracted out of oats via hydrolysis. Whereas many companies use chemicals to extract their amino acids, we use water to cut them out of their protein structures. Only the highest-grade free form amino acids are used in this product line! Dr. Tom realizes the importance of using high quality elements in his products to ensure the best results for his patients and family.

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