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Complete Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Adjustments

Reduce chronic pain by restoring and improving your body's function.

Metabolic Adjustments

A specialized treatment guaranteed to boost your metabolism and overall energy

Mental Adjustments

A unique, non-medicinal approach for mental imbalances and disorders


At Oasis Wellness Center, you will receive drug-free and surgery-free solutions that are proven to naturally heal chiropractic, neurological and metabolic issues. Each case is carefully assessed in order to implement an advanced, specialized adjustment that is fully intended to help achieve your goal as you restore your mind, body and soul. 


To insure unrestricted access to an effective patient centered experience for you and your family Oasis has decided to be out of network with insurance companies. As a courtesy to all our clients we will have our team of expert’s process and submit your claims. We instruct the insurance company to send any and all payments directly to you the patient. Your relationship with our center will be a small payment for services rendered. All of our care plans are compatible with most HSA and Flex plans.


Dr. Thomas McLeod Baader has put great pride into creating one of the largest, family-friendly wellness centers on the East Coast. By taking a natural approach in specialized chiropractic and nutritional therapies, he has been recognized for treating thousands of people with the sole purpose of regaining their health, fitness and vitality.


In order to provide the best possible care to his patients, Dr. Tom became an expert in his field by completing A Bachelor of Science in Sport Medicine/Biochemistry (Special Major) from California State University of Long Beach, and then graduated summa cum laude in Chiropractic Medicine from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, with a focus on non-surgical spinal column correction. Dr. Tom has since further developed expertise in the areas of neurology, brain enhancements and tissue repair.


Receive customized care for these types of conditions to improve your body’s overall ability to reach its optimal health.


Health issues, such as subluxations, and emotional and developmental problems should be treated at an early stage of the child’s developmental process, as they can cause the condition to worsen over time. In order to provide gentle relief, a prevention and maintenance plan is specifically designed to facilitate the improvement of your child’s spine and mental behavior, while ensuring they grow strong and healthy.


Most women may find it a concern to see a chiropractor during pregnancy as it can be seen as a risky approach; however, it is the best solution to keeping your back aligned so that your entire body can work more effectively. At Oasis, each patient is meticulously taken care of with safe and effective techniques to relieve pain and discomfort. The result and overall goal is to ensure we have met your needs of maintaining a healthy pregnancy.



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