Meet Dr. Tom

Dr. Tom Baader is internationally recognized as a pioneer in the field of optimal health and tissue repair. As a physician with one of the largest wellness centers on the East Coast, he has been blessed to care for over 12,000 patients and their families. His education includes a special major from California State University at Long Beach with an emphasis in biochemistry. Dr. Tom’s graduate work is in the field of chiropractic medicine, focus-ing on non-surgical, spinal column correction. He graduated summa cum laude from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1993. His post-graduate work is in the field of neurology and brain enhancement. He has appeared as a health expert for both radio and television.

The life altering seminar series, Dr. Tom’s Metabolic Boot Camp© and his cutting-edge metabolic program InfusionFast has been the turning point for thousands of people in their quest to regain health and reach higher levels of performance in their pursuit of superlative health. In the past two decades he has had the privilege of leading thousands of seminar attendees back to optimal health using the powerful metabolic tools known as the AM and PM Blends, which he has developed and upgraded over the last quarter century.


“I love to unlock the mental and metabolic potential in myself and others. We are in the business of leading families from their current state of pathology to a place where they can express their full potential. Taking them beyond the cure of their current condition to something much greater. Moving them from being a burden to becoming a blessing.”




Hi, I am Dr. Tom,

I help people create neuro-metabolic programs for their specific needs and challenges. Most of my clients are educated, bright women(35-60 y/0) who have already experienced the gambit of diets and exercise only to remain trapped in the frustrating metabolic prison of hormone-induced centralized body fat, fatigue, and mental fog. Some of my clients are in the fight of their lives against stage IV cancers or progressing diabetes. Whatever the mental or metabolic challenge is I am the guy you want in your corner.


I love to help families unlock their physical and mental potential as I orientate them to the suffering of others and the “secret of sacrifice” in my attempt to lead them to a life of purpose and full potential.

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