BioScum: Fatter. Thicker. Sicker.

Posted by Dr. Tom on 7th Apr 2023

BioScum: Fatter. Thicker.– 1. relating to life:”biosynthesis” 2. relating to or involving the use of toxic biological or biochemical substances as weapons of war:”bioterrorism“scum:extr … read more

Blood Sugar Struggles?

Posted by Dr. Tom on 7th Apr 2023

Smashing Through the Wall To Weight LossDo you wake up with a blood glucose level that’s higher than when you went to bed?Is this dawn phenomenon serious and what can you do about it?How can glucose l … read more

Building a Superior Spine

Posted by Dr. Tom on 7th Apr 2023

Sometimes the weight of the world gets too much to handle…. Watch Dr. Tom show you the secrets to Superior Spine!Like our FB page and take our online Mental & Metabolic assessment…for FREE..go … read more

bullet proof grandmas

Posted by Dr. Tom on 7th Apr 2023

Within seven days of exposure to the new”bulletproof” formula I was a freed from that porcelian prison. I and millions of others have been chained to when dealing with the fallout of IBS. This stuff … read more

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